South American Sludge
South American Sludge
Record label information
Founded 2010
Genre(s) Stoner Rock, Desert Rock, Stoner Metal
Country of Origin Argentina
Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Website South American Sludge Facebook

South American Sludge is a stoner rock label formed in 2010 by Sergio Chotsourian, notably of Los Natas. Along with re-issues of classic Los Natas material and the label's first release being a re-issue of the Rutation demo, South American Sludge also issues bands associated with Chotsourian along with his solo works. The label has also hosted bands from all over South America.

The label hosted a "South American Sludge Fest" on 11 June 2011 featuring ten bands.[1] Including newer South American acts like Guachass, Sick Porky and Banda de la Muerte amid longtime performers Dragonauta and Hielo Negro would be Los Natas in their last known live performance.

As of 2020 the label has produced over one hundred releases.

Selected RosterEdit

  • Los Natas
  • Sergio Ch.
  • Ararat
  • Soldati
  • Solodolor
  • Viaje A Ixtlan
  • Vinnum Sabbathi
  • Devas
  • Malattos
  • Eerie
  • Hospital De Munecas
  • After Datta
  • Transplante Mental
  • Bagual
  • Manathrass
  • Matuasto
  • Nazareno Ferro
  • Fabricantes
  • Mil Tormentas
  • Sendero Del Filo
  • Ruinas De Sade
  • Wolfranium
  • Vermiforme
  • Picaporters
  • Mephistofeles
  • Demonauta
  • Trash Calypso & His One Man Band
  • Los Planeta Rojo

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