Background information
Origin Saint-Paulin, Quebec, Canada
Genres Doom Metal, Drone Metal, Stoner Metal
Years active 2016–present
Labels independent
Associated acts Estrangement
Current members Dai Maō
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Soulers is a Canadian doom metal solo project from the French-speaking municipality of Saint-Paulin, Quebec formed in 2016 by autistic musician Dai Maō. Since 2017, he keeps releasing albums every month or week, depending how much time it takes for him.

The debut Soulers album was recorded in 2016, but was not released to the public until August 11, 2017.

History Edit

Soulers was formed in the summer of 2016, when Dai Maō recorded several unreleased demos. The first album to be released to the public was Beautiful Like a Rainbow on August 11, 2017. It was followed by two albums titled The Forest and Soulers in September of that year.

Time to Prey was more satanic than the previous albums, and notably featured more sludge elements. November 25's Trip - The Satanic Sounds of Soulers was the last album to be released in 2017. In 2018, Dai Maō started a saga of albums simply known as The 2018 Saga, which started on January 1 with Yami no Kokoro Kara Shuppatsu and ended on December 25 with The Cycles of Helplessness and Awareness.

To this day, Dai Maō keeps recording and releasing new music under the Soulers name, depending how much time it takes him. 

Musical style and influences Edit

Musical style

Musically, Soulers is known for switching genres on every album, according to its influences. In this sense, Dai Maō avoids the project to be categorized. In its albums, Soulers experiments with other sub-genres of doom metal, like death/doom, sludge metal, drone metal and funeral doom metal.

The project is also known for its extremely lengthy songs, many of which exceed the 10-20-minute mark in length. For example, "Clean Land" (from Yami no Kokoro Kara Shuppatsu) clocks in at 28:05. The longest song, however, is "Cycle Three: Huge Abyss" (from The Cycles of Helplessness and Awareness) and is the only Soulers song to exceed the 30-minute mark, clocking in at 32:08. Some of his current albums are single tracks that clock in at over an hour, or sometimes 40 minutes.


Soulers is mainly influenced by many doom metal bands like Mournful Congregation, My Dying Bride, Funeral Moth, Skepticism etc. Other influences include Sleep, Yob, Boris, Sunn O))), Black Sabbath etc.

Discography Edit

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  • "The Blizzard"
  • "The Wizard of the Night"
  • "Burn in Hell"
  • "Funeral Skies"


  • "Cornellia"
  • "Electric Blizzard"
  • "Mind Funeral"
  • "High Enough"
  • "RadioWizard"
  • "Ancestral Visions"


  • "Under My Gleam"
  • "No Angel or Demon"
  • "Depths"

Members Edit

  • Dai Maō – all instruments, vocals (2016–present)

Up until the Descend from Wherever We Shall Ascend album, Dai Maō's name was listed in Japanese kanji alphabet until he decided to correct it.

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