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Sons of Kyuss
Sons of Kyuss
Extended play by Sons of Kyuss
Released April 19 1990 (Exact Date Disputed)
Recorded 1989 at Headway Studios in Westminster, California
Genre Stoner Rock, Desert Rock, Heavy Metal
Length 28:54
Label Black Highway Music, Smash! Productions
Producer Catherine Enny, Ron Krown
Sons of Kyuss chronology
'Debut Release'
Sons of Kyuss
(1990 (Exact Date Disputed))

Sons of Kyuss is the eponymous debut EP by American rock band Kyuss, released in 1990 under the group's original name, Sons of Kyuss. The band released it independently as a vinyl record, pressing only 500 copies and according to Mario Lalli, gave several away to friends the day the LPs showed up in the hands of the band. Following this release, the band shortened its name to Kyuss and included these recordings of the songs "Deadly Kiss" and "Black Widow" on their first full-length album, Wretch (1991), while re-recording "Love Has Passed Me By", "Katzenjammer", and "Isolation Desolation" for the album (the latter song's title was shortened to "Isolation").

Notably Sons of Kyuss was reissued on CD in 2000 and on LP in 2009 as a "fanclub" release but is often cited as a bootleg. Discogs.com has since banned the bootlegs from sale on their site, the only exception being the original clear vinyl.


Kyuss - Sons of Kyuss (Full Album)


NOTE: The EP's liner notes credit the writing of all songs to Sons of Kyuss, consisting of John Garcia, Josh Homme, Chris Cockrell, and Brant Bjork. The liner notes of Wretch, on which five of the EP's eight songs appear, give more specific writing credits, with "Deadly Kiss", "Isolation Desolation", and "Black Widow" attributed solely to Homme, while "Love Has Passed Me By" is attributed to Homme and Bjork and "Katzenjammer" to Homme and Cockrell.

  • A1. Deadly Kiss (Josh Homme) (5:05)
  • A2. Window of Souls (Homme, Chris Cockrell, John Garcia, Brant Bjork) (4:23)
  • A3. King (Garcia, Homme, Cockrell, Bjork) (3:07)
  • A4. Isolation Desolation (Homme) (3:33)
  • B1. Love Has Passed Me By (Homme, Bjork) (3:14)
  • B2. Black Widow (Homme) (2:42)
  • B3. Happy Birthday (Garcia, Homme, Cockrell, Bjork) (3:50)
  • B4. Katzenjammer (Homme, Cockrell) (3:00)



Other Personnel[]

  • Catherine Enny - Producer
  • Ron Krown - Producer
  • J.B. Lawrence - Engineer
  • Michael Mikulka - Mixing
  • Tim Shean - Assistant Engineer
  • Tom Nunes - Assistant Engineer
  • Merle Schoelkoph - Photography
  • Debra Hintz - Layout

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