Sonic Wolves is an Italian/American heavy stoner rock'n'roll band based in Alessandria, Italy. It was formed in 2012, by members of Ufomammut and The Hounds Of Hasselvander/Pentagram, to name a few. This band exudes a mix of psychedelic rock and heavy/stoner metal.

The band describes themselves as dirt-rock, which they attribute to their use of fuzz laden grooves, heavy riffs and aggressive drumming.


Sonic Wolves initially formed under the name of Tsutar by drummer Vita (Ufomammut, Rogue State) and bassist/vocalist Kayt Vigil (Rogue State and The Hounds of Hasselvander/Pentagram, ...Of The Horizon, etc.). In August 2014 they underwent a line-up transformation and changed the name to Sonic Wolves. The 8 song demo titled Wolfwitch, that was released in April of 2015, includes Stefano Tocci (ex Deaf Eyes, Karl Marx Was A Broker and Incoming Cerebral Overdrive) on guitar.

In August 2015, Paolo Melotto (ex Psyconauts and formerly of Tsutar) and Mr.Diniz (ex Temple Of Dust and Mexican Chili Funeral Party) joined the project on guitars. At this point the band started playing live and in November 2015 they returned to the studio to record tracks that were included on three separate releases. The 7 inch single He Said and the debut album Before The End Comes were out in 2016, while the second 7" single He Said Tour ed. was released in 2017, followed by two tours in Europe. During that period, the band became a trio because of the exit of Melotto.

In July 2018, the band underwent another line-up change with addition of guitarists Jason Nealy (Bleeding Eyes, Inverted Matter) and Enrico "Ico" Aniasi (The Broken Finger and ex Panama Road). The songs are even more powerful and have added depth and dimension.

On September 25th, 2018, Sonic Wolves will release the second self-titled album thanks to the Dutch label D.H.U. Records and the British label Future Noise Recordings. The new album was recorded in February 2018 and it will be played live on stage during the fall European tour in Sept/Oct 2018.


  • Wolfwitch (CD Demo) (2015, Self-Released)
  • He Said (Single 7") (2016, Taxi Driver Records)
  • Before The End Comes (CD/LP) (2016, Taxi Driver Records)
  • He Said Tour ed. (Single 7") (2017, Taxi Driver Records)


  • Vita - Drum (2012 - Present)
  • Kayt Vigil - Bass, Vocals (2012, - Present)
  • Jason Nealy - Guitar (2018 - Present)
  • Enrico "Ico" Aniasi - Guitar (2018 - Present)
  • Stefano Tocci - Guitar (2015)
  • Paolo Melotto - Guitar, Vocals (2015 - 2017)
  • Mr. Diniz - Guitar, Vocals (2015 - 2018)


  • January 2017 Tour (with Temple of Dust) (2017)
  • Devil's Harvest Tour (supporting Belzebong) (2017)
  • 2018 EU tour

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