Sonic Altar
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Sonic Altar live 2014 at
Blood of The Wolf Fest, Lexington, Kentucky.
Photo by AnnSydney Taylor.
Background information
Also known as Sonic Bros. (2013)
Origin Lexington, Kentucky, USA
Genres Psychedelic Doom Metal
Years active 2010 - 2014, 2018 - Present
Labels Earthstone
Associated acts Stampede, Xelas, Nest, Rotting Kingdom, Autocrat, BOMBS, Blood Carries Disease
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Sonic Altar are a psychedelic doom metal band from Lexington, Kentucky. Active since 2010, their musical and lyrical themes are built around psychedelia, transcendence and impending doom. On at least one occasion they have performed covers sets with guest vocalists under the alias Sonic Bros..[1]

History Edit

Sonic Altar formed in 2010 with their debut show happening on 21 December 2010 with Merkaba and Everyone Lives Everyone Wins. After that show they would play live periodically around Tennessee and Kentucky, sharing the stage with bands like Truckfighters, Valley of the Sun[2] and Jucifer[3] to name a few. Sometime in 2011 a demo entitled MMXI would follow with three songs.

Eventually in 2013 they would release their debut album Ritual Synapse via Earthstone Records. Their last show to date before going on a hiatus was on 12 October 2014 with Dirtbag at the Pile Mansion in Lexington, Kentucky. The reasons for the band's hiatus are largely unknown but eventually with time the band began composing new material and practicing while other members kept busy with other bands. The current lineup is now a quartet with second guitarist Joe handling all vocal duties.

On 2 December 2017 the Blood of the Wolf Festival announced in their third wave of bands that Sonic Altar would be one of the performing acts in late March, marking the band's first live performance in nearly four years. The band performed with the new four-piece lineup on 23 March (With four new songs) alongside Bed Sore, Autocrat, Master's Curse (Also their first show in four years), All Hell and Withered. The next show to follow would be on 15 April 2018 at The Green Lantern with Dirtbag, Hawkbill and Toke.

Members Edit

  • Kyle - Guitar, Vocals (2010 - 2014; 2018 - Present)
  • Dakota - Drums (2010 - 2014; 2018 - Present)
  • Travis - Bass (2018 - Present)
  • Joe - Guitar, Vocals (2018 - Present)
  • Smoot - Bass, Vocals (2010 - 2014)

Discography Edit

Albums Edit

Demos Edit

  • MMXI (2011, Self-Released)

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