Songs of Torment
Songs of Joy
Songs of Torment Songs of Joy
Studio album by Leif Edling
Released November 19 2008
Recorded 2007 - 2008
Genre Doom Metal
Length 43:21
Label GMR Music Group
Candlelight Records USA
Vinyl Maniacs
Leif Edling chronology
Songs of Torment
Songs of Joy


Songs of Joy, Songs of Torment is the first, and only solo album by Candlemass mastermind Leif Edling. Notably while it is in the vein of doom metal it is different from the operatic epic doom metal that Candlemass is distinctive for, rather utilizing elements of gothic metal and even death/doom. Leif also notably handles all of the vocals, in similar fashion to early Candlemass demos and his early days with Nemesis.

The bass, drums, and Laney's guitar would be recorded at Polar Studios in Stockholm. Eriksson's guitars would be recorded at White Trash Studios. Westholm's keyboards would be recorded at Studio Fosfor. Lastly it would be mixed and mastered at SF Machinery, where Edling recorded his vocal parts.

Songs of Torment, Songs of Joy was released in Europe via GMR Music Group on 19 November 2008 while Candlelight Records handled the American release on the same day. The same year Vinyl Maniacs released a vinyl edition, limited to 500 copies. The album received generally positive reception from the likes of Decibel Magazine (8/10),,[1] Sea of Tranquility[2] and Metal Reviews[3] among others.


All songs written by Leif Edling.

  • 1. The Scar (5:55)
  • 2. It Is Not There (4:26)
  • 3. Angelic 'til I Die (4:54)
  • 4. On The Edge of Time (6:17)
  • 5. Butterfly (0:57)
  • 6. My Black Birthday (5:39)
  • 7. Space Killer (5:40)
  • 8. Nautilus (9:33)


  • Leif Edling - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
  • Björn Eriksson - Guitar
  • Chris Laney - Guitar
  • Lars Sköld - Drums
  • Carl Westholm' - Keyboard, Synthesizer
  • Stefan Fandén - Mixing
  • Sören Von Malmborg - Mastering
  • Pål Olofsson - Cover

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