Solodolor / Los Natas
Solodolor Los Natas
Cover for the 10" edition.
Split extended play by
Los Natas
Released November 14 2008
Recorded 2007 - 2009
Genre Stoner Rock, Desert Rock
Length 40:18 (CD)
Label Buzzville Records (10"),
Pop Art/Sony Music (CD)
Producer Sergio Chotsourian, Billy Anderson
Solodolor chronology
Solodolor / Los Natas
Los Natas chronology
El universo perdido de los natas Vol I y II
Solodolor / Los Natas
Nuevo orden de la libertad

Solodolor / Los Natas (Alternatively known as Solodolor vs. Los Natas) is a Split 10" between the Argentina stoner rock/metal bands Solodolor and Los Natas. The initial release was a 10" split limited to 1000 copies on blue vinyl while the 2010 edition is a limited CD comprised of unreleased Los Natas songs along with the Solodolor songs as a bonus.

The Solodolor songs were recorded at El Attic Studios & La Carpa Studios, Argentina in 2007 and are the only recordings the band ever did. These three songs would be re-issued as a stand-alone digital release via South American Sludge in 2017. Los Natas' song on the original 10" was recorded in 2008 as part of the Ararat sessions. The song would later be used as the opening track to Ararat's debut album Música de la resistencia in 2009. The Los Natas songs from the CD edition were recorded in 2009 at Circo Beat, Del Abasto & El Attic Studios. These songs comprise of unreleased covers and several songs collaborating with other vocalists.


All Los Natas and Solodolor songs written by their respective bands except where noted.

10" Vinyl EditionEdit

  • A1. Solodolor - Sunday Horse (3:06)
  • A2. Solodolor - The Battle of Mocha Poo (3:53)
  • A3. Solodolor - La Balada de Solodolor (5:02)
  • B. Los Natas - Gitanoss

CD EditionEdit

  • 1. Los Natas - El As De Espadas (Ace of Spades) (2:45) (Kilmister, Clarke, Taylor)
  • 2. Los Natas - No Time (2:59) (T.S.O.L.)
  • 3. Los Natas - I Don't Mind The Pain (4:33) (Glenn Danzig)
  • 4. Los Natas - Rutation, Naciste Asi... (2:29)
  • 5. Los Natas - Soma (8:37)
  • 6. Los Natas - Thumb (4:23) (Josh Homme, Brant Bjork)
  • 7. Los Natas - Green Machine (2:33) (Brant Bjork)
  • 8. Solodolor - Sunday Horse (3:05)
  • 9. Solodolor - The Battle of Mocha Poo (3:53)
  • 10. Solodolor - La Balada de Solodolor (5:01)



  • Sergio Chotsourian - Guitar, Producer, Artwork (CD Edition)
  • Billy Anderson - Bass, Producer, Engineer
  • Gustavo Rowek - Drums
  • Jose Luis Armetta aka El Topo Armetta - Vocals

Los NatasEdit

  • Sergio Chotsourian - Guitar, Vocals, Producer, Artwork (CD Edition)
  • Walter Broide - Drums
  • Gonzalo Villagra - Bass
  • Ricardo Iorio - Vocals (CD1)
  • Boom Boom Kid - Vocals (CD2)
  • Jose Luis Armetta aka El Topo Armetta - Vocals (CD3, CD6, CD7)
  • Patricio Claypole - Engineer

Other StaffEdit

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