Slow Joe Crow & The Berserker Blues Band
Sllow Joe Crow
Background information
Also known as Slow Joe Crow
Origin Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Genres Heavy Rock, Blues Rock, Blues
Years active 2013 - 2016; 2017
Associated acts The Mighty Auroch, Seidr
Website Facebook

Slow Joe Crow and The Berserker Blues Band are a blues rock band from Louisville, Kentucky. This trio would blend the raw emotional power of Delta blues with the sonic power of doom and stoner rock to create a different kind of heavy music.

The trio were initially active between 2013 and 2016 with two physical releases under their belt and one forthcoming reunion show in 2017.


Slow Joe Crow was formed in early 2013 as a side project involving members of The Mighty Auroch withe all three members sharing a mutual interest in blues music while maintaining a heavy sound. The band would go on to perform live for the first time at Lisa's Oak St. Lounge on 12 October 2013 in Louisville.[1] From there the band would begin to perform live on a sporadic basis and begin recording songs for a forthcoming EP release at the time. On 20 June 2015 the band would release their first studio EP We Are Blues People at a Metal Monday release party at Highlands Taproom.[2]

The band would focus on more material for a full-length record, eventually announcing it's impending release on 8 April 2016.[3] The band's second studio release and only studio album Long Way Home saw release on 9 July with their last known shows at the time on 13 July (Haymarket) and 15 July (Modern Cult Records) as Austin Lunn had moved out of Kentucky earlier that year.

On 16 June 2017 it would be announced that Slow Joe Crow would return for a reunion set on 7 July 2017 at The Cure Lounge alongside Hawkbill, Dirtbag and Godking with art onsite by Doodlehound.[4]


  • We Are Blues People (2016)
  • Long Way Home (2017)


  • Austin P. Lunn - Guitar, Vocals
  • Patrick Flanery - Bass
  • Thom Hammerheart - Drums

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