Background information
Also known as Godzilla
Origin London, England
Genres Doom Metal, Sludge Metal
Years active 1999 - mid 2000s
Labels Rise Above Records, The Music Cartel
Associated acts Mourn, Angel Witch, Purson, End of Level Boss, Firebird, Serpent Venom
Website Archived Site
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Sloth were a short-lived doom metal band from London, active from 1999 to around the mid 2000s.


Sloth formed in 1999 from the ashes of previous band Godzilla with their first show being in September of the same year opening for Spirit Caravan.

In late 2000 the bands first (and only) album The Voice Of God would be released. A tour of the UK would follow, sharing the stage with bands such as Cathedral, Goatsnake, Orange Goblin, Electric Wizard, Firebird and Bottom.

Plans were made to write a second album around 2004 but the band would quietly disband sometime around then. Will Palmer and Alan French would eventually join Angel Witch while the latter would perform in the band Purson. Roland Scriver and Gaz Ricketts would eventually form Serpent Venom while the former would be a founding member of End Of Level Boss.[1]



  • Will Palmer - Bass
  • Alan French - Drums
  • Roland Scriver - Guitars
  • Gaz Ricketts - Vocals
  • Walters - Drums
  • Vince Scriver - Drums
  • Food - Vocals



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