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Slo Burn
Slo Burn
Background information
Origin Palm Desert, California, USA
Genres Stoner rock
Years active 1996 - 1997, 2017
Labels Malicious Vinyl
Associated acts Kyuss, Unida, Hermano, Vista Chino, Brave Black Sea, Vega
Past members John Garcia
Chris Hale
Damon Garrison
Brady Houghton
Band Logo
Slo Burn Logo

Slo Burn was a four-piece stoner rock band formed in 1996 in Palm Desert, California, USA. They are noteworthy for being John Garcia's first live musical project since Kyuss split up in 1995. Slo Burn disbanded in September 1997.


Brief Run (1996-1997)[]

Slo Burn were formed in 1996 in Palm Desert, California, USA by John Garcia (vocals) in the months after the disbandment of the highly influential stoner rock band Kyuss. The rest of the band included Chris Hale (guitar), Damon Garrison (bass) and Brady Houghton (drums).

The band's first release was a five track demo, released in 1996. Their second release came in April 1997 in the form of the Amusing The Amazing EP which was put out by Malicious Vinyl.[1] Slo Burn shared a similar musical style to Kyuss, not least because of Garcia's vocal performance, but also the production efforts of Chris Goss, who not only worked on Amusing The Amazing but also several of Kyuss' releases. Slo Burn made appearances at festivals during their short run, including Dynamo Festival[2] and touring with Ozzfest, both in 1997.[3] The band decided to split up in September 1997. According to the bio for Brave Black Sea it was stated that Alfredo Hernández briefly joined as a drummer though it's not known if he performed any shows with the band.[4] In interviews since the disbandment of Slo Burn, Garcia has stated that the band had intended to record a full length album had they not split up.

Post Slo Burn[]

After Slo Burn disbanded, Garcia swiftly went on to form the band Unida, and later would sing with Hermano and Vista Chino. Hale and Garrison went on, years later, to team together in the band Brave Black Sea, which also included Alfredo Hernández who briefly drummed for Kyuss.[5]

Garcia has also revisited Slo Burn songs in his later work. On his tour, Garcia Plays Kyuss, he would often include the song Pilot the Dune in the encore.[6] Also, the track 'All these Walls' on his 2014 solo album is a reworked version of 'Cactus Jumper' from the Slo Burn Demo.[7] Whilst on his solo tour after the release of his solo album, Garcia would also regularly play the song 'July' from Amusing The Amazing.[8]

In 2016, it was announced that Slo Burn would reunite as one of the headliners for DesertFest London, performing songs from Amusing The Amazing along with new songs. The band would also tour Europe in 2017, surrounding appearances at Hellfest and Freak Valley Festival. Lastly Slo Burn would perform at the 2017 edition of Psycho Las Vegas.



Slo Burn - Pilot The Dune

Extended Plays[]



Former Members[]

  • John Garcia - Vocals (1996 - 1997, 2017)
  • Chris Hale - Guitar (1996 - 1997, 2017)
  • Damon Garrison - Bass (1996 - 1997, 2017)
  • Brady Houghton - Drums (1996 - 1997, 2017)
  • Alfredo Hernández - Drums (1997)

List of Known Tours[]

  • Amusing The Amazing North American Tour (1997)
  • Reunion Performances (2017)

External Links[]


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