Sleep Live at Third Man Records
Sleep Live At Third Man Records
Live album by Sleep
Released March/April 2019
Genre Stoner Metal
Length 111:23
Producer Sleep, Third Man Records
Sleep chronology
Leagues Beneath
Sleep Live at Third Man Records

Sleep Live at Third Man Records is the first official live release involving Sleep. Released in the Spring as part of Third Man Records' Quarterly Vault Subscription (The 37th release in that series), it is a 4LP box set documenting the entirety of their performance at Third Man, featuring selections spanning the band's career (Including the majority of their 2018 album The Sciences, Leagues Beneath and more).


On 7 January 2019, Third Man Records announced that as part of their quarterly subscription series that Sleep's performance at Third Man would be released as a 4LP box set. This performance would be recorded over 2 hours of career-defining material to a live audience using our direct-to-acetate / audio mixed and mastered in real-time system, ultimately producing seven lacquer cuts. The last song ends in a locked groove of crowd noise.

The set will be presented on 4 different colored vinyl (purple, orange, blue, green), each in their own individual jacket all housed in a sturdy slipcase. A reproduction of the poster from the show and a mystery Sleep / TMR mission patch will come with the release. This live record is exclusive to the quarterly vault series priced at $60.00USD with shipping in late March/early April 2019.


  • A. Leagues Beneath (16:30)
  • B. Dopesmoker (19:42)
  • C. Dopesmoker (2:46)
  • C. Holy Mountain (10:23)
  • D. The Clarity (11:02)
  • D. Aquarian (9:08)
  • E. Sonic Titan (13:35)
  • F. Marijuanaut's Theme (7:33)
  • F. Giza Butler (10:44)
  • G. The Botanist (5:00)
  • G. Dragonaut (5:00)*


  • Al Cisneros - Bass, Vocals
  • Matt Pike - Guitar
  • Jason Roeder - Drums, Art Construction
  • Reid Shippen - Mixing
  • Michael Mechling - Mixing Assistant
  • George Ingram - Cutting Lathe Operator, Vinyl Mastering
  • Wes Garland - Cutting Lathe Operator, Vinyl Mastering
  • John Hopkins - FOH Engineer
  • Krackamaya Welch - Monitor Engineer
  • Dave French - Stage Right Technician
  • Chad Hartgrave - Stage Left Technician
  • Tristan McNatt - Art Construction
  • Jamie Goodsell - Photography
  • Elizabeth Gohr - Photography

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