Background information
Origin Riimäki, Southern Finland
Genres Funeral doom metal
Years active 1991–present
Labels Red Stream
Current members Matti
Jani Kekarainen
Pasi Pöyry
Lasse Pelkonen
Past members J. Korpihete

Skepticism is a funeral doom metal band founded in 1991 in Riihimäki in Southern Finland. The band, along with Thergothon, is considered one of the pioneers of funeral doom, a particularly dark and atmospheric sub-genre of doom metal.

History Edit

Skepticism began as a death metal band, with a formation that includes: vocals, two guitars, bass and drums. The musical style of the band started to vary with the years and with it the formation: keyboardist Eero Pöyry replaced one of the guitarists.

In 1995 with the release of Stormcrowfleet (Red Stream, 1995) the current formation of the band is defined with the departure of the bassist Korpihete. The use of the organ has allowed the band to create dark and tension-filled atmospheres, outlining unique sounds in the genre. Their attitude towards subsequent releases is peculiar; the albums Lead and Aether (Red Stream, 1998) and Farmakon (Red Stream, 2003) are preceded by two EPs, respectively Ethere (Red Stream, 1998) and The Process of Farmakon (Red Stream, 2002), containing different versions of the same track proposed in the albums, consider for example the tracks "The March and the Stream" (contained in The Process of Farmakon) and "The Raven and the Backward Funeral" (contained in Farmakon).

After five years of silence, on October 20, 2008, their fourth full-length, Alloy was released, published like the previous ones via Red Stream.


Current membersEdit

  • Matti – vocals
  • Jani Kekarainen – guitar
  • Timo Sitomaniemi – guitar (live only)
  • Eero Pöyry – keyboard
  • Lasse Pelkonen – drums

Past membersEdit

  • J. Korpihete – bass


Studio AlbumsEdit

Demos, Singles & EPsEdit

  • "Towards My End" (7" Single, 1992)
  • Aeothe Kaear (Demo, 1994)
  • Ethere (EP, 1997, Red Stream)
  • Aes (EP, 1999, Red Stream)
  • The Process of Farmakon (EP, 2002, Red Stream)

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