Studio album by The Sabians
Released 29 July 2003
Recorded March 2003
Genre Stoner Rock, Hard Rock
Length 42:37
Producer Masaki Liu
The Sabians chronology
Beauty For Ashes
'Final Release'

Shiver is the second of two albums by the California rock band known as The Sabians. It would be recorded in March 2003 and released in July 2003 via The Music Cartel, featuring nine songs and a hidden track.[1][2] A music video for "Sixteen-Forty" was planned but it's unknown if it was released. The band would tour to support the album but not long after would disband when Justin Marler re-located to Austin, Texas. Sometime after Chris Hakius would re-connect with Al Cisneros to form Om.

Shiver managed to attain fairly positive reviews.[3][4][5][6]

Tracklist[edit | edit source]




Spiders And Flies

All songs written by Justin Marler and The Sabians.

  • 1. Sixteen-Forty (3:42)
  • 2. One By One (4:32)
  • 3. Cold Black River (5:12)
  • 4. Numb (4:00)
  • 5. Cannibal Machine (4:42)
  • 6. Sweet Misery (4:00)
  • 7. Spider and Flies (4:00)
  • 8. Bullet (4:35) 3443
  • 9. Broken Circle (3:54)
  • 10. Untitled Hidden Track (4:00)

Personnel[edit | edit source]

  • Justin Marler - Guitar, Vocals
  • Chris Hakius - Drums, Percussion
  • Rachel Fisher - Bass
  • Patrick Huerta - Lead Guitar
  • Masaki Liu - Engineer, Producer

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