Background information
Origin Stoke-on-Trent, England
Genres Stoner Rock
Years active 1994 - 2002
Labels Undergroove, Rise Above Records
Associated acts Integrity
Website Shallow Myspace

Shallow was a stoner rock band based out of Stoke-on-Trent, England. Active from 1994 to roughly 2002. Initially the band ran as a trio with members of Integrity before Danny Unnet joined in 1996, making them a quartet. The band sporadically gigged at the time and put out a couple demos, notably a live EP known as Live At Heimi Hendersons in 1998. Not long after they would sign to Rise Above Records, whom would release their only album 16 Sunsets In 24 Hours on 10 July 2000.

The band notably managed to play with the likes of Extreme Noise Terror, Nogshits, Hangnail, Orange Goblin, Unida, Nebuls, Spirit Caravan, Iron Monkey and Electric Wizard to name a few. Their ethos was “No trends, no scene - just whatever comes out of our heads”.

SHALLOW - Cake Ape

SHALLOW - Cake Ape

SHALLOW - Eight Minutes To The Sun

SHALLOW - Eight Minutes To The Sun


  • Live At Heimi Hendersons (Live EP) (1998, Undergroove Recordings)
  • 16 Sunsets In 24 Hours (Studio Album) (2000, Rise Above Records)


  • Danny Unnet - Guitar, Vocals
  • Tony Inskip - Guitar, Vocals
  • Phil Brough - Bass
  • Rod Ryse - Drums

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