Shadows of Ancient Cults
Studio album by Soulers
Released April 20, 2019
Recorded March–April 2019 in Grand-Rang, Saint-Paulin, Quebec
Genre Doom metal, psychedelic rock, sludge metal, stoner metal
Length 74:53
Label Independent
Producer Dai Maō
Soulers chronology
Shadows of Ancient Cults
1. "Under My Gleam" (April 7, 2019)

Shadows of Ancient Cults is the ninteenth album by the Canadian one-man band Soulers, released on April 20, 2019. It is the first Soulers album in two months, following Rosetta

The song "Under My Gleam" was released as the only single from the album on April 7, 2019. 

Musical themes on the album include Satanism, drug addiction, anger towards society, and the goal of Space-X CEO Elon Musk to reduce the risk of human extinction by establishing a human colony on Mars.

Musical style and Composition Edit

Musical style

Musically, the album is a stoner doom album influenced by Monolord and Electric Wizard. According to Dai Maō in the album's Bandcamp description, "during the recording of the album, [he] wanted to make the most putrid album [he] could ever release, and [he] was very proud of the result." 


Shadows of Ancient Cults contains 6 songs which make a total of 74 minutes and 53 seconds. Two of them have individual movements; the 21-minute opening track "The Ancient Cults" contains three movements titled "Into the Path", "Shadows of Ancient Cults" and "Descend" while the 13-minute closing track "Bitterness" contains two movements titled "The Chains of Parasitism" and "Warm Breeze".

Track listing Edit

No. Title Length
1. "The Ancient Cults"
  • "I. Into the Path"
  • "II. Shadows of Ancient Cults"
  • "III. Descend"  
  • 8:05
  • 5:31
  • 7:18
2. "Mars"   14:26
3. "Mountain Valley"   9:32
4. "Under My Gleam"   6:08
5. "Killing Path"   10:20
6. "Bitterness"
  • "I. The Chains of Parasitism"
  • "II. Warm Breeze (instrumental)"  
  • 7:13
  • 6:20
Total length:

Personel Edit

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