Boris Secrets
Studio album by Boris
Released September 22 2018
Recorded 1992 - 2018 at Various in Tokyo, Japan
Genre Sludge Metal, Stoner Rock, Shoegaze, Experimental, Sound Collage
Label Fangs Anal Satan
Producer Boris
Boris chronology
Phenomenons Drive

Secrets is an album released in secret by Boris. Released initially as a surprise for fans in attendance to the band's last live performance and later through the Inoxia Records newsletter, it's name shows it to be a special secret release for the band's 25th anniversary. Notably it's a collage entirely composed of unreleased material spanning from the band's formation in 1992 to 2018.


On 22 September 2018, Boris performed a special one-man event at Shindaida Fever, billed as “Boris -25th Anniversary Tour Final- Oneman Show” and featured Michio Kurihara's first live performance with the band since 2012. As a surprise, Secrets was given out unannounced to attendees. On 23 September 2018 the band offered remaining copies to subscribers of the Inoxia Records newsletter after revealing the surprise giveaway.[1]

Details on Secrets are currently and relatively ambiguous though some details have come out that the release is a collage consisting entirely of unreleased material, much of which from the band's origin years of 1992 and 1993, with the liner notes stating the year of recording on each track as follows:

  • Part 1:

Warm Worm (1992) Bida (2018) C-Kool (1993) Bit –Part 02– (2014) Epithese (2010) Terra Nullius (2014) Sections (2015) In/out/in/out (2012) Footprints (2011) Tracing Finger (2014) 13 (2014) Black, Black Muddy Flow (2018)

  • Part 2:

For Example (2011) Week End (2010)

  • Part 3:

Big Ship (2009) Allbinos (2014) En Attendant Gadot (1993) Seven Bells (2014) Fragment Of Wisdom (2013) Last Blue Berry Jam (2014) Metro (2014) Clear Light (2011)

  • Part 4:

Q & A (2018)


  • 1. Warm Worm / Bida / C-Kool / Bit -Part 02- / Epithese / Terra Nullius / Sections / In/out/in/out / Footprints / Tracing Finger / 13 / Black, Black Muddy Flow (11:47)
  • 2. For Example / Week End (6:34)
  • 3. Big Ship / Allbinos / En Attendant Gadot / Seven Bells / Fragment of Wisdom / Last Blue Berry Jam / Metro / Clear Light (13:44)
  • 4. Q & A (11:34)


  • Wata - Guitar, Echo, Vocals
  • Takeshi - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
  • Atsuo - Drums, Percussions, Electronics, Vocals
  • Fangs Anal Satan - Recording, Mixing, Artwork
  • Souichirou Nakamura - Mastering

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  1. Boris Heavy Rocks on Twitter
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