Scott Weinrich
Background information
Birth Name Robert Scott Weinrich
Alias Wino
Born 29 September 1960
Occupation Musician
Genres Doom Metal, Stoner Metal, Hard Rock, Punk Rock
Instrument(s) Guitar, Vocals
Years active 1976 - Present
Labels Hellhound Records, Tolotta Records, Southern Lord Records, MeteorCity Records, Ripple Music, Colombia, Exile on Mainstream, Neurot Recordings
Associated acts The Obsessed, Spirit Caravan, The Hidden Hand, Premonition 13, Place of Skulls, Shrinebuilder, Probot, Lost Breed, Wino, The Mentors
Website Official Page of Wino

Scott Weinrich, better known as Wino, is a musician, singer and songwriter originating from Rockville, Maryland.

Active since 1976 with his first band War Horse, Wino would begin his career with The Obsessed in 1978 and later joining the pioneering doom metal band Saint Vitus in 1986. Although most notable for these two bands along with his distinctive guitar playing and soulful baritone voice, Wino has performed with several other bands over the years including releasing several albums under his namesake since 2009.

He has been highly influential in helping develop and codify doom metal's trademark sound,[1] and is considered a highly influential figure in the development of the stoner rock, punk rock and doom metal genres.[2] Wino would be ranked #64 on both Spin Magazine's "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time"[3] and Guitar World's "100 Greatest Heavy Metal Guitarists of All Time".[4]

Biography[edit | edit source]

The Obsessed[edit | edit source]

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Weinrich approached rock music at early age. His early influences were the Monkees and the Beatles, the latter inspiring him to play guitar. Other early influence on Wino's playing and style would come in the likes of Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, Motorhead and Black Sabbath.[5] He saw Black Sabbath during the Paranoid tour with future bandmate Mark Laue and described the gig as life-changing.[6] He also cited punk bands like the Stooges, the Dictators and the Saints as big influences.

Weinrich's musical career started out at Thomas Sprigg Wootton High School in Rockville, MD when he started his first band, War Horse, in 1976. Two years later he would form The Obsessed. Initially forming as a quartet with two guitar players and later with a different vocalist, The Obsessed would settle on a trio lineup with Wino handling guitar and vocal roles. The band would release an EP entitled Sodden Jackal in the Spring of 1983 and had one track ("Concrete Cancer") featured on Metal Blade's "Metal Massacre VI" compilation. The Obsessed also managed to record their debut album in 1985 for Metal Blade, but it was never officially released. The Obsessed disbanded initially in early 1986 when Wino joined Saint Vitus and relocated to California. The band's final show of their initial run was on 23 November 1985 at The University of Maryland.[7]

In 1990, Hellhound Records released The Obsessed, an album that The Obsessed had recorded in 1985, the same album recorded for Metal Blade. This prompted Wino to leave Saint Vitus and reform The Obsessed with a new rhythm section consisting of Scott Reeder and Greg Rogers. The band was quickly signed to Hellhound Records and soon released Lunar Womb in 1991 with a sporadic handful of shows along with at least one string of European shows with this lineup. Scott Reeder later left to join Kyuss, whereupon he was replaced by Guy Pinhas, a roadie from their European tour. The band would tour throughout Europe in 1992 and 1993 with this newfound lineup.

Columbia Records (With publishing from Hellhound) signed them for their third and final album, The Church Within. Despite receiving rave reviews, a large amount of promotion on behalf of Columbia Records (including a 25-minute documentary on the history of The Obsessed) and heavy touring throughout the USA and Europe to support The Church Within, the album did not sell as well as expected. Sometime in 1995 the Obsessed disbanded, with Wino eventually leaving Southern California and moving back to Maryland.[8] In 1999, Southern Lord Records would issue the Incarnate compilation, a collection of rare and unreleased recordings spanning the band's career.

In September 2011, Roadburn announced that The Church Within lineup (featuring Wino, Greg Rogers and Guy Pinhas) would be reuniting to perform at Roadburn Festival on 14 April 2012. Notably at the Roadburn Festival a double 10" edition reissue of The Church Within along with a live LP featuring a bonus 7" was released to honor their appearance at the festival. Alongside the Roadburn set, The Obsessed also performed at Hellfest that year along with a short European tour.

In 2013, The Obsessed would perform another string of reunion dates with Reid Raley (Rwake, Nachtmystium) taking Guy Pinhas' place. Along with a full set on May 23 in Los Angeles[9], The Obsessed would also perform at Maryland Deathfest, Scion RockFest and The Power of The Riff.

The Obsessed would reunite again in 2016 with the lineup of Wino, Dave Sherman and drummer/vocalist Brian Costantino. On 24 May 2016 it was announced that The Obsessed had signed with Relapse Records to release their forthcoming fourth album, recorded that year (Though Sherman would leave the group following the recording sessions).[10] Sacred which would be released on 7 April 2017 to positive reviews and would see the band actively touring throughout North America and the United Kingdom.

Saint Vitus[edit | edit source]

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After the dissolution of The Obsessed, Wino would move to L.A. and join the band in early 1986, with his first performance with the band being on 16 May that year at the Palm Springs Community Center alongside Across The River. Unlike with nearly all of the other bands he has played in, Wino only sang in Saint Vitus and occasionally contributed guitar on selected studio recordings. In interviews he has stated he felt more comfortable on stage with a guitar in his hand and described being with Vitus as "naked onstage".

Around the same time that year the band would record their third album (and first with Wino), releasing Born Too Late in October. This record has proven to be a seminal record in the makings of doom metal and the title track an iconic Vitus song. The band would tour in support of the album in 1986. As a nod to Black Flag and the band that got their start on the road, they would cover one of their songs and release it as the Thirsty and Miserable EP in 1987.

The band's fourth album Mournful Cries would follow in 1988, proving to be their final release with SST Records. Learning of an overseas fanbase, Vitus would sign with German label Hellhound Records. The band would tour Europe for the first known time in 1989 and follow-up with a tour of the country again in 1990. In the meantime the band released their fifth album V and their first live album Live in 1990. When Hellhound released the first album by The Obsessed, Wino would choose to leave the group to reform the band with Scott Reeder and Greg Rogers.

In 2002, Debris Inc. (A punk rock/doom metal band formed by Vitus guitarist Dave Chandler would perform at Wacken Open Air and play two Saint Vitus songs (Dying Inside and Born Too Late) to close out their set to a positive reaction. This would lead to the band's first reunion in 2003, first at the Double Door in Chicago on 1 July 2003 with a following appearance at the With Full Force Festival in Germany on 5 July 2003. Though intended to be a one-off reunion Saint Vitus would reunite in 2008 for a headlining appearance at Roadburn Festival. The band also performed three dates in Germany, Hellfest and a short tour of the United States that year.

In February 2010, Chandler stated that there was talk of Saint Vitus recording new material, but there were no concrete plans at the time.[11] However, according to frontman Scott "Wino" Weinrich, "we're writing some stuff right now. Everybody's pretty busy. I know I've been busy. The Wino band is pretty much on hiatus right now. So it looks like we'll be doing some recording in the near future. The bottom line is we would like to do a new record. There's talk about it. We've already been floating around a couple ideas. So yeah, somewhere down the line there will be a new Vitus record in the cards." In March 2010, Wino revealed to the German edition of Metal Hammer magazine that Saint Vitus were without a record label, and had only written one new song so far, but that a full-length studio effort from the group would likely surface within the next 12 months at the time. In the meantime, the band toured Europe and the United States throughout 2010.

Saint Vitus toured the United States in 2011 with Helmet and Crowbar in what was known as Metalliance, their first full US tour since 1993. The band would debut a new song on this tour entitled "Blessed Night" and begin work on a new album once the tour ended. On 27 April 2012 the band released Lillie: F-65 to critical praise, their first album in 17 years and their first to feature Wino in 22 years. The band would tour heavily in support of the album throughout North America, Europe and for the first time (2013) in Australia. In 2014, Saint Vitus would tour North America (With Sons of Huns) and Europe (With Orange Goblin) for their 35th Anniversary tour. As a special bonus, the band would perform Born Too Late in it's entirety. On 9 November during the European leg, Wino would be arrested and deported from Norway for drug possession. [12] This would force Dave Chandler and various guest vocalists to fill in for the remaining dates and Wino would later issue an apology to the fans.[13] Original Saint Vitus vocalist Scott Reagers would take over the vocal role the next year.

Spirit Caravan[edit | edit source]

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Scott "Wino" Weinrich formed what was initially Shine sometime after the break-up of The Obsessed. The remainder of the band consisted of Dave Sherman (Wretched) on bass and vocals; and Gary Isom (Iron Man) on drums. Weinrich credits them for encouraging him to join the band and become active musically again after consideration of abandoning music entirely.[14] Shine officially formed in 1995 and played shows around the Maryland and Washington D.C. area. At some point a demo and a single were recorded. At some point around 1997 an Arizona-based band of the same name threatened legal action toward Weinrich, forcing a name change to Spirit Caravan.[15]

Spirit Caravan would officially form in 1996 with the same trio lineup of Wino, Sherman and Isom, incorporating more stoner metal and psychedelic elements along with Wino's signature doom metal sound. The band would release their debut album three years later in Jug Fulla Sun on 28 May 1999 along with an EP entitled Dreamwheel circa 2 November 1999. The band began touring North America and Europe around this time. A second album entitled Elusive Truth would see release on 4 May 2001 via Tolotta Records.

In roughly May of 2002 after the Caravan of Skulls (A tour alongside Place of Skulls), Spirit Caravan would break up largely due to personal differences between the band members.[16] A compilation entitled The Last Embrace was released in November of 2003, featuring recordings from Spirit Caravan’s two albums along with rare tracks and the three final songs recorded with the band.

In 2013, a reunion was actually confirmed by Dave Sherman of the original lineup with intents of touring and possibly new recordings in the works.[17] Tours of Europe (Including performances at DesertFest London, DesertFest Berlin and Hellfest) and a tour of the United States were confirmed. However, in February of 2014 before the tour would begin, Gary Isom would depart the band citing personal differences. Henry Vasquez was brought in to replace him. The first reunion show was on March 7 at The Metro Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland.[18] The next year would see the band touring with Ed Gulli (The Obsessed) on drums, performing new songs including "Sacred", "Be The Night" and "Razor Wire". The last date of this tour (Thus the last Spirit Caravan show to date) was 22 November 2015 at the Grog Shop in Cleveland, Ohio.

On 28 January 2016, Spirit Caravan announced an amicable split with Ed Gulli and announced Brian Costantino as his replacement.[19] On 28 February 2016, Wino made an announcement that the current lineup of Spirit Caravan would re-form as The Obsessed.

The Hidden Hand[edit | edit source]

  • For more details, feel free to view the Riffipedia page on The Hidden Hand.

The Hidden Hand formed in 2002 not long after Spirit Caravan had broken up in May of that year. Announcing the demise of the band, Wino asked Bruce if he was interested in doing a little jamming. Bruce was already playing in a DC band with drummer Dave Hennessy and thought he would be perfect for the project despite being both unaware of Wino's style of playing at the time, culminating in a doom metal sound that featured lyricism on political and conspiratorial themes. Sometime after the formation the band would record at least twelve songs in that time frame. Leading up to the band's first shows it was announced they would release the De-Sensitized 7" in March of 2003. The Hidden Hand's first live performance was on 23 March 2003 at the Velvet Lounge in Washington D.C. (With Solace and The Rubes as support).[20] A string of shows would follow with Clutch and Five Horse Johnson along with an appearance at Emissions from the Monolith.[21] The band would then announce the release of their first album Divine Propaganda in the fall of that same year along with a tour of Europe.[22]

The band would follow up in 2004 with a split EP with Wooly Mammoth and eventually the band's second album Mother, Teacher, Destroyer after signing to Southern Lord Records in 2004. The Hidden Hand would tour the United States and Europe in support of the album. Tours of the United States and Europe would follow throughout 2004 & 2005. The band's second release on Southern Lord would be a limited CD/DVD Dualdisc entitled Devoid of Color, released in late 2005. Along with five new songs the EP's video side featured a full set at The Black Cat in Washington D.C. in July that year. The band would begin work on their third album soon after. On 20 February 2007, The Hidden Hand would release their third (and final) album The Resurrection of Whiskey Foote via Southern Lord. A tour of The United States and Europe would follow throughout the winter and spring that year. However, The Hidden Hand would disband that August due to personal differences.[23]

Shrinebuilder[edit | edit source]

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Shrinebuilder would form in 2008 as a supergroup featuring Wino, Scott Kelly (Neurosis), Al Cisneros (Sleep, Om) and Dale Crover (Melvins, Nirvana, Altamont). The band's origins were established around 2003 or 2004, when Al Cisneros contacted Wino sometime after the dissolution of The Hidden Hand and proposed that they form a new collaborative three piece group with Sleep/Om drummer Chris Hakius.[24] Cisneros named the band and it was intended that Wino would be the only vocalist. A few years later, and after sporadically working on some music together, Cisneros enlisted Scott Kelly on guitar and vocals to round out the band to a four-piece. In early 2008, drummer Chris Hakius retired from playing music. As a result, Dale Crover was brought in to replace him.[25] Over the next year the band sent audio files to one another, refining their material, and rehearsed when possible in various configurations of two or three in various parts of The United States[26]

In January 2009 the full band met together for the first time to set about recording the material they had previously sketched out. Kelly documented the recording sessions via his blog site "We Burn Through The Night".[27] A majority of the writing process was done by the respective members sending files to each other over a period of time. The debut record was recorded in three days,[28] with Crover and Toshi Kasai (Collectively known as The Deaf Nephews) as producers. Shrinebuilder was released in October 2009 to widespread critical acclaim. Following the album's release, the band announced a string of concerts, and the first Shrinebuilder track, "Pyramid Of The Moon," was added to the band's Myspace page. On 11 November 2009, Club My War arranged and hosted the band's first live show in the United States with two performances at The Viper Room. [29] A short string of dates followed that year.

Shrinebuilder largely toured in 2010 whenever each member’s schedules had allowed, beginning with a west coast tour of the United States in 2010 leading up to Scion Rock Fest. Whilst unable to fly over to Europe to tour during the Eyjafjallajökull volcano eruption of April 2010,[30] the band returned to LA and completed the writing stage of their second record after a surprise show in New York. According to Scott Kelly their flight to the venue was literally missed by six hours at the time of the volcanic eruption.[31] Two tours of Europe would follow in it's wake. One year later the band performed on the main stage at the 16th Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, which they had been previously set to appear at had there been no hindrance in schedule.[32] This ended up being their final live performance as the project dissolved by the next year.[33]

Solo Endeavors[edit | edit source]

On 24 January 2008 it would be announced that Wino was beginning work on a solo album entitled "Punctuated Equilibrium" and cited in his words that it "will bring my career into focus.".[34] Attaining a rhythm section in Jon Blank (Wretched, Rezin) and Jean-Paul Gaster (Clutch), the trio would record at Magpie studios with J.Robbins at the Magpie Cage, with David V. D'andrea providing the artwork.[35] Punctuated Equilibrium would be released on 26 January 2009 via Southern Lord Records to positive reception from the likes of Metalsucks,[36] Tiny Mix Tapes,[37] Scene Point Blank[38] and Spin among others.[39]

Wino's first solo live performance would take place on 7 February 2009 at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C., performing selections from the album alongside songs by The Hidden Hand, Spirit Caravan and The Obessed.[40][41] Following a SXSW gig on 20 March 2009,[42] Wino would tour Europe surrounding appearances at Doom Shall Rise and Roadburn Festival.[43] Tragedy would strike following the tour as bassist Jon Blank would pass away on 2 May, aged 36.[44] Wino would tour through the Summer and Fall of 2009 alongside Clutch, with Brian White (Dog Fashion Disco) filling in.

In 2010 Wino would begin work on a solo album, working with engineer Ray Tilkens. Composing an acoustic album with covers of "Shot in The Head" by Savoy Brown and "Iron Horse/Born To Lose" by Motorhead, Adrift would be released on 24 September 2010, attaining praise by several publications such as The Sleeping Shaman,[45] The Line of Best Fit,[46] Invisible Oranges[47] and The Obelisk[48] among others. Wino would tour Europe that year beginning with an appearance at South of Mainstream Festival.[49] Notably he would tour with German singer-songwriter Conny Ochs, later collaborating with him. The next year would begin with a show on 15 January 2011 at the Volcom store in Los Angeles to support the American release of Adrift, followed by an acoustic tour with Scott Kelly.[50][51]

In the Spring of 2012 Wino would participate in a split 7" via Volcom Entertainment, releasing a new song entitled "Sway" with Jennifer Herrema of Royal Trux notoriety.[52] Work had begun on two new solo albums through 2011, both of which in collaboration with Conny Ochs. Heavy Kingdom would see release on 27 January 2012 via Volcom Entertainment and Exile on Mainstream while Labour of Love saw release on 12 March 2012 via Latitudes, both of which attaining positive reviews.[53][54][55][56][57]

In an interview with Decibel Magazine, Wino would explain how he and Conny Ochs met:

“Basically Andreas from Exile On Mainstream—he had faith in me, mentioned it to me, he said. “Why don’t you play acoustic, man?” And I wasn’t really into it but a few things happened that pushed me in the direction of it and ever since then I’ve loved it. I met Conny after Andreas had booked him as a driver for me on the Adrift tour and I had no idea what to expect. I had absolutely no idea. When I first saw him play I was struck by how intense it was, y’know, it was pretty dark but I thought he had a great voice. There was one time I was tuning up and stringing up backstage, I think in Denmark, and we started jamming. We both knew at that minute that we had something because it just clicked. It was magical.

I invited him onstage that night and I don’t think I’ve done a set since when we haven’t played with one another. It just seemed logical. We ended up in England at the end of the Adrift tour and we did the Latitudes thing, and after that we realised we should really make this a serious thing and make it a serious record. In a little time we were able to put together a full record. Y’know, Conny is really an inspiration; he’s amazing.”

— Scott "Wino" Weinrich, Decibel Magazine[58]

Wino and Conny Ochs would tour together through Europe and North America in the Spring and Summer of 2012, respectively. Wino would close out the year touring North America with Saviours, Mondo Generator and Clutch,[59] followed by dates at the start of 2013 with the former two bands.[60]

Keeping busy with other projects through 2014, Wino and Conny Ochs would premiere a new song entitled "Drain" on 24 March 2015. Freedom Conspiracy would see release on 31 March 2015, supported by Wino touring North America alongside Black Label Society while Ochs toured Europe.[61][62] Freedom Conspiracy attained praise from the likes of Echoes and Dust,[63] Blabbermouth,[64] Louder Than War[65] and Angry Metal Guy[66] among others. Wino would largely perform solo gigs for the next several years at various festivals such as Desertfest London and Psycho Las Vegas among touring with Xasthur in 2018.[67]

On 13 December 2019 it would be announced that Wino had signed with Ripple Music for a new solo album in 2020.[68] Along with announcing further details in the Spring and unveiling a cover of "Isolation" by Joy Division,[69] Recording at Waterford Digital with Frank Marchand, the solo album would also feature guest spots from The Obsessed bandmates Brian White and Brian Costantino, along with Wino's daughter Alexandra.

Forever Gone would see release on 26 June 2020, attaining praise from a wide range of critics such as Louder Sound,[70] Angry Metal Guy,[71] Louder Than War,[72] Ghost Cult Magazine,[73] and The Sludgelord[74] among several other publications.[75][76][77] Wino was intended to play RippleFest and tour to support Forever Gone but those plans would be postponed due to The CO-VID19 Pandemic. Wino however would play a birthday bash circa 26 September 2020.[78]

Other Bands and Projects[edit | edit source]

When Wino had moved to California to join Saint Vitus he also notably was a live bassist for the shock rock group known as The Mentors.

In 1989 Wino would join the California doom metal band Lost Breed. Notably Weinrich was in the band for about nine months, performing with the band at The Troubadour when available and eventually recording a series of demos with the band. This demo would be released in 1989 as Wino Daze, attaining a cult-like status among doom fans. Retroactively Wino would state he was happy to have worked with Lost Breed but was unable to fully commit for long due to his commitments with Saint Vitus and The Obsessed.[79] Wino would re-join Lost Breed in 2015 for a series of new songs released in video form on YouTube.

While being signed to Colombia Records Wino would participate in the Black Sabbath tribute album Nativity in Black, performing in sort of a supergroup known as Bullring Brummies. The band's only recording would be a recording for the compilation, a cover of "The Wizard" featuring Wino on lead guitar, Brian Tilse (Fight) on rhythm guitar, Bill Ward (Black Sabbath) on drums, Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Heaven and Hell) on bass and Rob Halford (Judas Priest, Halford) on vocals.

In 2002 Wino would join Place of Skulls about a possible collaboration. Wino had worked with Victor Griffin (Death Row, Pentagram) in the past with his solo project Pistonhead, recording a demo together in 1990. Ron Holzner (Trouble) would attempt to join on bass but depart due to living in Chicago, far away from the band at the time so Greg Turley would take his place as bassist in these sessions. With Vision would be released in 2003 via Southern Lord Records to positive reception and was labeled as a veritable doom metal supergroup.[80] However before any touring with this lineup would happen, Wino would leave the group due to living in different states and clashing religious beliefs and thus concentrate on The Hidden Hand. The Pistonhead demos that Wino had recorded with Griffin in California appear on the 2004 compilation Late For An Early Grave.

Wino would also participate in a heavy metal supergroup/side-project known as Probot. Curacted by Dave Grohl (Scream, Nirvana, Foo Fighters) with much of the recordings done entirely by Grohl himself, each song would feature a heavy metal vocalist from the 1980s and 1990s that heavily inspired Grohl. Wino would participate in the compilation as one of the vocalists on "The Emerald Law", also contributing lead guitar. Wino, along with Lemmy, were the only two musicians to physically record at Studio 606 as the other vocalists recorded their parts at other studios.

The "Shake Your Blood" music video was filmed in November 2003 and released shortly thereafter. It features an appearance by 66 women from the SuicideGirls adult entertainment website. The music video also appears on the extras section on the movie SuicideGirls: The First Tour. In the video, the band is represented with Dave Grohl on drums, Lemmy on lead vocals and bass, and Wino on lead guitar. Lemmy regarded the performance as "just like a tour in the '60s, when things were a lot more fun.".

Probot has only performed on one occasion (Mainly due to the multiple singers' schedules). "My Tortured Soul" was performed live on Headbangers' Ball in 2004, with Eric Wagner (Trouble) on lead vocals, Grohl on drums, Wino on lead guitar, Greg Anderson (Goatsnake, Sunn O)))) on rhythm guitar, and Foo Fighters producer Nick Raskulinecz on bass guitar. This performance is available on the compilation album MTV2 Headbangers Ball, Vol. 2.

Premonition 13 was formed in 2010 by Wino and Jim Karow in Maryland, both of whom were longtime mutual friends and guitar players. Recording with drummer Matthew Clark would start sometime in 2010 with plans of releasing an album and touring in 2011.[81] In the band's existence all of their touring happened in 2011, with the first known show was on 26 June 2011 at The Wiltern with Harvey Milk and Sleep.[82] Three short tours would follow afterwards in light of the release of their debut album 13. Notably were two short American tours, one on the west coast with Witch Mountain[83] and an east coast tour with The Gates of Slumber[84]. A string of European dates closed out the touring cycle of that year. Premonition 13 would break up the following year.[85]

Wino would also be very briefly part of a project known as Royale Daemons, a hard rock/punk rock power trio with Nick Oliveri (Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, Mondo Generator, etc.) and Joey Castillo (Wasted Youth, Danzig, Queens of the Stone Age, etc.). Though the project would quickly dissolve the band did record two known songs (both of which appearing on N.O. Hits At All Vol. 2 and N.O. Hits At All Vol. 3 via Heavy Psych Sounds in 2017.) and be credited for the song "Option Four" on the 2020 Mondo Generator album Fuck It.

In 2015 it was announced that Bedemon would perform live for the first time on 15 May 2015 at Psycho California in Santa Ana, California. Due to prior commitments longtime members Craig Junghandel and Mike Matthews were not able to perform with this live lineup as planned. There were talks at one point of having Bobby Leibling perform the songs live on vocal duties. Greg Mayne joined back in on bass for this performance, the first time sharing the stage with O'Keefe in over 40 years. Rounding out the remainder of the lineup would be Frank Hayes on drums and Wino on vocals.[86]

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

Wino was born in Rockville, Maryland but on two different occasions in life had lived in California (1990 - 1995, the late 2000s). Wino notably has two sons and a daughter and dedicated a song to them ("My Daughter, My Sons") on the 2017 album "Sacred".[87]

Bands[edit | edit source]

  • War Horse - Guitar, Vocals (1976 - 1978)
  • The Obsessed - Guitar, Vocals (1978 - 1985, 1990 - 1995, 2012 - 2013, 2016 - Present)
  • The Mentors - Live Bass (1986)
  • Saint Vitus - Vocals (1986 – 1990, 2003, 2008 – 2014)
  • Lost Breed - Guitar, Vocals (1989, 1995, 2015 - Present)
  • Bullring Brummies - Lead Guitar (1994)
  • Shine - Guitar, Vocals (1995 - 1996)
  • Spirit Caravan - Guitar, Vocals (1996 – 2002, 2014 – 2016)
  • Place of Skulls - Guitar, Vocals (2002 - 2003)
  • The Hidden Hand - Guitar, Vocals (2002 - 2007)
  • Probot - Guitar (2003 - 2004)
  • Shrinebuilder - Guitar, Vocals (2008 - 2012)
  • Wino - Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals (2009 - Present)
  • Premonition 13 - Guitar, Vocals (2010 - 2012)
  • Bedemon - Live Vocals (2015)

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Guest Appearances[edit | edit source]

Rügencore Records)

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Guitars[edit | edit source]

  • Gibson SG Standard Electric Guitar[102]
  • Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar[103]
  • Electrical Guitar Company Custom Les Paul Style[104]
  • Guild S-100 Polara (1970s)[105]

Amplification[edit | edit source]

  • Sunn Model T amplifier (with Svetlana 6550s power tubes and Electro-Harmonix preamp)[106]
  • JMP JCM (inside of a Marshall Bassman 100 chasis with the Bassman transformer)[107]

Effects[edit | edit source]

  • DiMarzio Super Distortion pickup

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