Scott Reeder
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Reeder performing with Kyuss.
Background information
Birth Name Scott Reeder
Born 16 May 1965
Barstow, California, USA
Occupation Musician, Producer
Genres Stoner Rock, Stoner Metal, Desert Rock, Doom Metal, Hard Rock, Rock and Roll
Instrument(s) Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Years active Early 1980s - 1996, 1999 - Present
Labels Dali, Hellhound Records, MeteorCity Records, Southern Lord Records
Associated acts Across The River, The Obsessed, Kyuss, Unida, Nebula, Goatsnake, Sun and Sail Club, Fireball Ministry, Dead Issue, Darkside, Tool, Bütcher, Metallica
Website Scott Reeder's Twitter

Scott Reeder is a bassist and multi-instrumentalist based out of Barstow, California. Though best known for his tenures with Kyuss, The Obsessed and Fireball Ministry he is considered to be a key player in the development of the Palm Desert scene, notably with pioneering desert rock band Across The River.

He is also known for performing bass left-handed and even despite having some custom basses for his left-hand playing, still strings his bass guitars upside-down.[1] He is also known for performing live shows barefoot. In a career spanning roughly forty years, Reeder has performed on several albums through a wide range of bands and has also produced and engineered for several bands, including Sunn O))), Orange Goblin, Black Math Horseman and Blaak Heat to name a few.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Across The River and Early Bands (1981 - 1991)[edit | edit source]

Reeder's earliest known band started in 1981 as Dead Issue during the time the members were in high school. The band consisted of bassist Reeder, drummer Alfredo Hernández], guitarist Mario Lalli and guitarist/singer Herb Lineau. The band would change their name to Darkside at some point around 1983.[2] Under this name they have released one song (Right's Right) on the soundtrack for Desperate Teenage Lovedolls. The band members were the same age, but were in different schools.

After Lineau left the band, the band name was changed to Across The River. Mark Anderson strengthened the band as a guitarist. They drove in their car "The Provoloan" (a purple '67 Cadillac) for a year through Los Angeles, Phoenix and San Francisco to perform. They mainly played at small and unknown jam parties with bands like October Faction, Painted Willie and Saccharine Trust, but also in the late 80's with bands from the label SST such as: Saint Vitus, SWA, DC3 and FIREHOSE. Hernández described the band as "an animal with blues-like beats with a sharp punk rock edge". The band has recorded one demo (N.O.) that had never been properly released until Scott Reeder uploaded it himself in 2014. Several songs from the demo would be re-worked for the likes of Kyuss, The Obsessed and Reeder's solo works.

The label SST had plans to record an album with Across the River. This did not happen due to miscommunication and poor timing. The band members of Across the River returned to the desert where they were best known for playing in deserted desert towns and generator parties. Lalli got married, had children and put his time in the family restaurant. John Garcia, Brant Bjork and Nick Oliveri (former members of the band Kyuss) all had seen this band live during their school period, marking a turning point towards music careers. Reeder would be briefly involved with a project known as Acid Clown but little is known of Reeder's musical contributions in the late 1980s.

When Hellhound Records released The Obsessed in 1990, Scott Weinrich would be encouraged to re-form the band. Living in California at the time and recalling a time where Weinrich jammed with Reeder at a generator party, the two would re-connect and with Greg Rogers, re-form The Obsessed. The Obsessed would tour Europe with this lineup in the Spring of 1991, performing a host of new songs and at the end of the tour record the new album at Powerplay & Vielklang Studios in Berlin, Germany, tracking and mixing the album in a week. Lunar Womb would see release that same year and would be retroactively praised as a seminal underground doom metal album. Notably "Back To Zero" and "No Mas" were both originally Across The River songs.

The Obsessed would tour the West Coast, eventually going across the country to a show in New York that ultimately led the band to getting signed by Columbia Records. Right after the New York gig, Scott Reeder would depart from the band to join Kyuss while the band recruited a former roadie from the '91 European tour in Guy Pinhas to begin work on the next album.

Kyuss (1992 - 1996)[edit | edit source]

  • For more details feel free to view the Riffipedia page on Kyuss.

Scott Reeder was initially asked to join the band while Kyuss and The Obsessed toured the West Coast in 1992 but he declined at the time. Some months later after Oliveri was out of the band Reeder initially joined as a fill-in but would join full-time when he told the band to "stop looking". His first show with the band was in July for the release party for Blues For The Red Sun.[3] Kyuss went on tour with such established groups as Faith No More, White Zombie, and Danzig. In early 1993, the band was chosen by Metallica to be an opening act for nine shows in Australia. After their first show with Metallica, the group was only allowed to use half the P.A. system for the other eight concerts. Reeder, along with Kyuss, would record the band's third album with Chris Goss but due to label shifts and legal wrangling the album would be delayed by over a year. Reeder would contribute songwriting to a few songs and even suggest the band record a cover of "N.O." by Across The River.

On 28 June 1994 after nearly a year of delays, they would release their first major label album, self-titled Kyuss. Originally intended to be titled Pools Of Mercury, the album commonly came to be known among fans as Welcome to Sky Valley. Between record company and bandmember shuffling it would take a whole year for the album recorded in 1993 to be released. Once again produced by Chris Goss, it received critical acclaim and musically demonstrated a much more psychedelic and mature sound, later being cited as a seminal and essential album in the genres of desert rock and stoner rock.

Following an extensive touring cycle supporting the album a follow-up would be quickly in the works, with new drummer (And former Across The River bandmate) Alfredo Hernández. The band would also notably cover a Yawning Man song in "Catamaran". However with the recording came a tense atmosphere as confirmed by Reeder in a 2009 interview:

"While recording Circus soooooo much money was just getting thrown out the window. We were in one of the most expensive studios in Hollywood just for recording overdubs. People running around to get you food, cigarettes, anything you wanted. We could’ve been in a smaller place with a couple of good microphone preamps, got the mix done in the expensive place, and we would’ve all walked away with a bunch of money, but it just got blown. Stupid.

There was also a bit of bickering going on, and I was pretty stressed. Too many weird vibes. It wasn’t the way things are supposed to be. And I had this crazy idea that you should actually be able to hear the bass! A lot of the stuff had to get remixed because the bass was almost inaudible when you got it outside that studio. I’d been worried about it the whole time. Everybody was a little too stoned, I guess. We had Keith Richard’s bong in the studio – that was pretty cool. Made for a lot of wasted time, though. No pun intended!"

— Scott Reeder, Roadburn[4]

Recorded in March 1995, ...And the Circus Leaves Town would be released on 11 July. However with lukewarm reception and mounting tensions between band members, Kyuss would disband only a few months after the album's release. Barring the occasional guest appearance or commissioned project Reeder would largely take a hiatus from music for a few years.

Unida (1999 - 2003)[edit | edit source]

  • For more details feel free to view the Riffipedia page on Unida.

Following the release of The Best Of Wayne-Gro / Coming Down The Mountain. Reeder would join Unida in 1999, touring Europe with Nebula that May, including an appearance at Dynamo Open Air in The Netherlands. Unida would then sign with Man's Ruin Records to release their first studio album Coping With The Urban Coyote on 16 November 1999, though it was recorded before Reeder joined the band. The band toured Europe in support of the album, performing with the likes of Orange Goblin.

In 2000, while Unida was mainly performing in the California area the band would sign with American Recordings with plans to release a studio album in 2001, recording a series of songs with George Drakoulias (Black Crowes, Screaming Trees) and Rick Rubin as the executive producer. However 2001 would come and go with no album being released. Due to Rick Rubin having a falling out with Sony, American Recordings would be absorbed by Island/Def Jam, one of many reasons the album's status was put in limbo, along with Unida being unhappy with the mixes of the then-known El Coyote.[5]

The complications of the label move would ultimately delay the release and leaving the band in search for another label to release El Coyote. According to an interview with, John Garcia claimed the album cost $350,000 to make.[6] Scott Reeder would also publicly speak out about the album delays, citing his own frustrations with the process.[7] Despite not finding a label at the time the band revealed a tracklist for "El Coyote" as the band shot for a late 2002 release[8], with the band touring the USA that fall.

Ultimately, El Coyote would not get a proper release, with the band self-releasing the album at shows (Under titles such as For The Working Man or The Great Divide). On 18 March 2003, Reeder would quit Unida with "Jerry" as his replacement.[9] Reeder himself would explain his departure due to being "tired of stopping and starting for other stuff".[10] Unida would reunite several times in the years since their breakup but Reeder would not participate in any of the reunions.

Sun & Sail Club (2013 - Present)[edit | edit source]

Scott Reeder, working with Fu Manchu lead guitarist Bob Balch and Fu Manchu drummer Scott Reeder, would form Sun & Sail Club circa September 2013.[11] The band would upload clips from their debut album later that month[12], followed by releasing their debut album Mannequin on 19 November 2013.[13]

Tony Brandenberg (Adolescents) would join the band for a follow-up record and The Great White Dope[14] on 3 July 2015. Despite largely functioning as a studio band, Sun & Sail Club would play the occasional show, mainly in the California area.[15]

Fireball Ministry (2014 - Present)[edit | edit source]

In 2013 Scott Reeder would participate in Sound City - Reel To Real contributing bass to the song "From Can To Can't", performing with Dave Grohl, Corey Taylor and Rick Neilsen. Reeder would talk to James Rota, who revealed he was looking for a bassist to which Reeder would agreed to join Fireball Ministry in 2014, his first known show with the band on Motörhead's cruise festival known as Motörboat. In an interview with No Treble, Reeder would explain how he joined the band and writing an album with the band:

"Well, I’ve known them for years and we’ve played together in the past. Our singer, Jim, was co-producing the Sound City film and I was involved with that. I played on the song with Dave Grohl, Corey Taylor, and Rick Nielsen. Jim was there when they were filming and we talked a bit afterward. He called me shortly after that saying they didn’t have a bass player at the time. They were working on a recording and asked if I wanted to do it, so I said, “Hell yeah.” I’m pretty sure that song ended up on some compilation. Then they talked about maybe playing live in the future and I said, “Hell yeah.” At least a year went by before I got the call from Jim that they got invited by Motörhead to go on a cruise and play on a boat. Again, “Hell yeah.” So that was the impetus to learning a bunch of songs and doing the thing properly.

We’ve been having fun. Everyone is really busy so it’s not like we’ve been touring like crazy. Jim has got his film producer stuff. He’s working with Disney right now and he’s been doing all the Dave Grohl stuff. But we’ve been chipping away at this album for maybe a year. There’s been no rush or deadline, so we’ve been jamming on it a bit. It’s finally out and it’s so exciting to finally hold the CD. It’s awesome. It feels good.

Jim has hung out with them a bit. I had been around Lemmy a couple of times and talked to him a little bit at one of the sound checks. He was so nice. I was trying to be all respectful… I didn’t even want to step foot on his stage until he left the building. [laughs] We were getting pressured to get set up for soundcheck. I went out there and he started asking me about my gear and my Bison amp. We talked about the cruise and he said, “That was fun! We have to do it again.” And we did. I think the only bands that played both cruises were Fireball Ministry, Anthrax, and Motörhead.

I approached it by erasing from my memory that I had ever heard it. I hope I did it justice. I was glad that Jim suggested doing that. He spoke with Lemmy about doing it [because] Jim thought that it was the greatest set of lyrics that Lemmy had ever written. I think Lemmy pushed it off saying, “Who would ever sing that?” [laughs] I think it was pretty special to be able to do that as a heartfelt tribute to Lemmy."

— Scott Reeder, No Treble[16]

Along with the Motörboat performances Fireball Ministry would begin work on their fifth album, recording and mixed by Paul Fig (Alice in Chains). Remember The Story would be released on 6 October 2017 to positive reception[17] and a music video for "The Answer".[18] The band would tour that Fall with Red Fang. The next year Fireball Ministry would tour with Clutch but Reeder would be forced to sit out the tour due to foot surgery. He would return for a UK tour with Corrosion of Conformity, Orange Goblin and Black Moth, followed by a tour of Europe the next year.

Other Bands[edit | edit source]

Following Kyuss' breakup, Reeder would begin jamming with progressive metal/rock band Tool and was considered as a potential full-time member for the band after Paul D'amour left the band. Ultimately Justin Chancellor took over duties as permanent bassist but Reeder would guest with the band on two occasions (27 March 1998 at The Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles and 29 March 1998 at The Rimac Theatre in San Diego.), both times performing the Kyuss song "Demon Cleaner" with slightly altered lyrics.

Reeder had also played bass for Nebula, mainly shows in the California area though when exactly is largely unknown.

Reeder would briefly join Goatsnake in 2002, performing with Greg Anderson (Sunn O)))), Pete Stahl (Scream, Earthlings?) and Greg Rogers, the latter he'd perform with for the first time in over a decade. In 2002, Greg Anderson and JR Conners would record a trio of songs with Scott Reeder (Kyuss, The Obsessed) adding bass to the recordings. Later, Stahl would provide vocals to the recordings and along with two previously recorded songs, would be released as an EP in 2004 entitled Trampled Under Hoof. Goatsnake would perform at least two shows that year in California before going on hiatus once again. [19]

In 2003 Reeder was notably among eight different bassists who auditioned to join Metallica after Jason Newsted's departure. Ultimately Robert Trujillo would attain the bass role but excerpts of Reeder's meeting with the band and tryout sessions would appear in the documentary film Some Kind of Monster.[20]

Reeder would briefly join the band Butcher, producing their debut album Auricle and performing bass on it. He would join the band on 11 May 2005 along with performing for the band for select shows surrounding the release of the album.[21]

On 16 November 2005 it would be announced that Scott Reeder would be releasing a solo album via Liquor and Poker Music.[22] Recording and performing nearly everything on the album, TunnelVision Brilliance would see release on 24 January 2006 and generally praised by critics at the time, such as AllMusic (3.5 stars out of 5),[23] Sea of Tranquility (4 stars),[24] Blabbermouth (8/10),[25] Metal Express Radio (5 Stars)[26] and Your Last Rites among others.[27]

When Nick Oliveri was arrested on 12 July 2011 over a domestic dispute (Including a five-hour standoff with police and SWAT teams), Reeder would be asked to fill in with Kyuss Lives! for a string of four dates that August, including an appearance at Wacken Open Air.[28] He would also join Kyuss Lives! again for a performance at The Wiltern on 18 November 2011.[29] Later, when Josh Homme filed a lawsuit towards Kyuss members John Garcia and Brant Bjork, Reeder would join Homme in the lawsuit. Ultimately it would be ruled in favor of Homme and lead to the band re-naming themselves as Vista Chino as that band worked on their debut (and ultimately, only) album.[30]

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