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Poster for the inagural edition.
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Years active 2009 - 2014
Promoter(s) Scion A/V
Associated Events Scion Label Showcase, Scion Rock Show
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Scion RockFest was a festival held in various cities in the United States from 2009 to 2014. Notably, it was run and funded by Scion A/V, a music-based company formed by Scion, a marquee brand built to attract younger generations within car company Toyota.


Scion A/V was formed in the late 2000s to compliment the Scion motor brand within Toyota, providing free music for download and special showcases of various bands of all genres.

At some point in 2008 it was announced that a festival curated by Scion would be in various cities every year. While the festival dealt with bands of other metal genres such as death, black, crossover and thrash a lot of sludge and stoner bands appeared at the festival as well.

In February of 2016 Toyota announced that the Scion brand would stop production in August of that year, effectively ending the festival and likely the Scion A/V brand as well.[1]



The inagural edition of Scion Rockfest took place at the Masquerade in Atlanta, Georgia on February 28. The venue utilized all three stages within along with an outdoor stage. Nachtmystium were intended to play at the festival but in the weeks leading up to the first Scion Rock Fest in 2009, Scion removed Nachtmystium from the lineup due to alleged ties to Nazism. The band's first album, Reign of the Malicious, was distributed via the National Socialist Black Metal record label Unholy Records. The band was outspoken about the accusations and denied any true ties to the Nazi movement.[2]

Saturday, February 28
Outdoor Stage Heaven Purgatory Hell
Mastodon Converge Zoroaster 1349
Neurosis Cryptopsy Coalesce Wolves In The Throne Room
High on Fire Septic Flesh Týr Krallice
Pig Destroyer Warbringer Rwake Withered
Boris Toxic Holocaust Harvey Milk U.S. Christmas
Baroness Skeletonwitch A Storm of Light Salome
Torche Trash Talk Alestorm Apocalyptic Visions
Kylesa Evil Army Suidakra


The 2010 edition of Scion Rock Fest took place in Columbus, Ohio on March 13. Rather than one giant venue or a "festival" setup it took more of a "SXSW" approach and held the festival at four separate venues throughout the city.

Saturday, March 13
Newport Music Hall Skully's Music Diner Bernie's Distillery Circus
Cannibal Corpse Shrinebuilder Absu Brutal Truth
Voivod Yob Ludicra Magrudergrind
D.R.I. Pelican Black Anvil Trap Them
3 Inches of Blood Acrassicauda Liturgy Thou
Hate Eternal Struck By Lightning Lightning Swords of Death Saviours
Landmine Marathon Black Tusk Lullabye Arkestra Dead Sea


The 2011 edition of Scion Rock Fest took place on March 5 that year in Pomona, California. Two venues along with two outdoor stages were selected to host the festival.

Kvelertak were intended to play the festival but ultimately canceled. They were replaced by Black Cobra.

Saturday, March 5
Fox Theater The Glass House Outdoor Stage Outdoor Stage II
Morbid Angel Municipal Waste Integrity Anaal Nathrakh
Obituary Death Angel Bastard Noise Dispirit
Agalloch Immolation Black Breath Necrite
Floor Atheist Nails The Body
Crom Bonded By Blood Primate Cough
Black Cobra Christian Mistress Fuck The Facts Woe
Wormrot Dark Castle


The 2012 edition of Scion Rock Fest took place on Saturday, June 2 at four different venues in Tampa, Florida. Several months before Scion Rock Fest 2012 and before the final lineup had been officially announced, American sludge metal band Eyehategod announced on their Facebook page that they had been banned by Scion from performing at Scion Rock Fest.[3] Brian Patton, a guitarist in the band, later told The Age of Metal in a phone interview that Scion had originally approached the band to perform at the 2012 festival, but later rescinded the offer due to their lyrical content and the religious connotations in the band's name.[4]

Saturday, June 2
The Ritz Ybor The Orpheum Czar Bar Crowbar
Down Exodus Merzbow + Balázs Pándi Repulsion
Sleep Suffocation Oxbow Sick of It All
Saint Vitus Origin Wold Terror
Church of Misery Revocation Psychic TV Phobia
Witch Mountain Decapitated Vermapyre Cerebral Ballzy
Atlas Moth Party Time Idea of Gemini All Pigs Must Die
Flyingsnakes Cell Graft


On March 6, 2013, Scion announced that the next festival would take place on June 1, 2013 in Memphis, Tennessee. The full lineup for the 2013 festival was announced on March 26, 2013. The 2013 festival took place at five venues on the iconic Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee.

Saturday, June 1
New Daisy Handy Park Club 152 Hard Rock Cafe Coyote Ugly
Testament Whitechapel The Obsessed The Casualties Royal Thunder
Melvins Six Feet Under Pallbearer Negative Approach The Shrine
Municipal Waste Noisem The Gates of Slumber Touché Amoré Indian Handcrafts
Corrosion of Conformity Impaled Subrosa Vision of Disorder Hot Lunch
Vektor Arsis Ice Dragon Code Orange Kids Dirty Streets
A Life Once Lost Gigan Inter Arma Rotting Out ASG
Complete Failure Call of the Void


The 2014 (and final) edition of Scion RockFest took place on May 17, 2014 in Pomona, California.

Saturday, June 2
Fox Theater The Glass House Sky Fox Lounge Acerogami
Machine Head Midnight Coffins Aqua Nebula Oscillator
High on Fire BL'AST! Jex Thoth All Them Witches
Red Fang Exhumed Windhand Hot Lunch
Crowbar Power Trip Lord Dying The Well
Orchid In Cold Blood MOAB Pins of Light
Big Business Speedwolf Black Sheep Wall Carousel
King Buzzo Nekrogoblikon


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