Samurai UK
Samurai back when they were The Web.
Background information
Also known as The Web, Web (1968 - 1970)
Origin England
Genres Hard Rock, Progressive Rock
Years active 1968 - 1970 (As The Web); 1970 - 1971
Labels Deram, Polydor, Decca, Greenwich Gramophone Company
Associated acts Greenslade, Pelican Milk, The New Jazz Orchestra

This is the page for the late 60s/early 70s UK based hard/prog rock band Samurai. For other instances of Samurai, visit Samurai (disambiguation)

Samurai (and their previous incarnation as The Web and Web) were a short-lived prog/psych band active as a whole between 1967 - 1971.


Hailing from the British psychedelic scene, their style is often described as atmospheric, moody, melancholy, and dark. They were originally fronted by African-American singer John L. Watson, with whom they released two studio efforts, Fully Interlocking (1968) and Theraposa Blondi (1969). The band increasingly delved into a progressive rock sound with which Watson's vocal style was incompatible, so they set Watson up with a solo career and replaced him with keyboardist/vocalist Dave Lawson. Shortening their name to simply Web, the band fully embraced their new jazz-prog sound on their third LP, I Spider (1970). Following the departure of saxophonist/flautist Tom Harris, the band changed names again, to Samurai. A final, self-titled album followed in 1971. With the band losing steam due to financial struggles and lack of recognition, Lawson accepted an invitation to join Greenslade.

Notably at the time of Samurai's release they coincidentally shared their name with a Japanese/European band named Samurai. Years later a jazz/funk group out of Louisville, Kentucky would christen themselves as The Web, active from 1996 - 2011.


Studio AlbumsEdit

  • Fully Interlocking (1968, Deram; As The Web)
  • Theraphosa Blondi (1969, Deram; As The Web)
  • I Spider (1970, Polydor; As Web)
  • Samurai (1971, Greenwich Grammophone Co.; As Samurai)


  • "Hatton Mill Morning" / "Conscience" - Deram DM 201 - 1968
  • "Baby Won't You Leave Me Alone" / "Mcvernon Street" - Deram DM 217 - 1968
  • "Monday to Friday" / "Harold Dubbleyew" - Deram DM 253 - 1969
  • "Give A Little More" / "More Rain" - Decca - DL 25 493 - 1971


  • John L. Watson - Vocals
  • John Eaton - Bass
  • Kenny Beveridge - Drums
  • Tony Edwards - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
  • Lennie Wright - Vibraphone, Drums, Percussion
  • Dave Lawson - Keyboards, Vocals
  • Tom Harris - Saxophone

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