Sabbath (Melvins EP)
Melvins Sabbath
Artwork by HAZE XXL.
Extended play by Melvins
Released September 30 2018
Recorded 2018
Genre Doom Metal, Stoner Metal
Length 18:09
Melvins chronology
Pinkus Abortion Technician
Sabbath (Melvins EP)
Hot Fish

Sabbath is an EP by Melvins, set for a limited fall 2018 release via HAZE XXL and Amphetamine Reptile Records. Notably it features Al Cisneros (Sleep, Om, Shrinebuilder) as a guest vocalist performing two classic Black Sabbath songs. Notably the arrangement on "Black Sabbath" is vastly different and works in the intro portion of "Cornucopia".

Sleeve is 3-color silkscreen on tan chipboard stock. Artwork & design is by HAZE XXL & each is number stamped on the back cover.

  • Cheapy $5 CD
  • 200 - RED EDITION w/ regular red ink on the front & back cover. Vinyl is clear with black & red splatters.
  • 100 - PINK EDITION w/ dark pink ink on the front cover & monochrome (gray) ink on the back. Vinyl is black with a white stripe in the middle.
  • 100 - FLUORESCENT RED EDITION w/ Day-Glo fluorescent red ink on the front & back cover. Vinyl is red & black pinwheel.
  • 100 - BLOOD RED EDITION w/ regular dark red ink on the front & back cover. Vinyl is blood red & black haze.


NOTE: The track list is reversed on the CD version. Both songs written by Osbourne, Iommi, Butler, Ward.

  • 1. Black Sabbath (10:53)
  • 2. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (7:16)


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