Background information
Origin Mons, Belgium
Genres Funeral Doom Metal, Ambient, Drone (early)
Years active 2007 - Present
Labels Code666 Records, Silent Time Noise, GS Productions
Associated acts Yhdarl, We All Die (Laughing), Imber Luminis, God Eat God
Current members Déhà
SLOW (acronym of Silence Lives Out/Over Whirlpool) is a Belgian funeral doom band founded in 2007 as a solo project by musician Déhà (real name Olmo Lipani). Signed to Code666 Records since 2018, the project released its sixth studio album, VI - Dantalion, in 2019.

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SLOW was founded in 2007 by Belgian musician Olmo "Déhà" Lipani (Imber Luminis, God Eat God, Deos) as an instrumental funeral doom project. Up to the production process of the fourth studio album IV - Mythologiæ, Déhà acted as the sole member of the project. Lore Boeykens joined for the fifth album V - Oceans as a copywriter and thus also contributed to the revision of the album IV - Mythologiæ, which was re-recorded. Since then, Boeykens has been part of the project.  For the sixth album VI - Dantalion, she also contributed as a singer and musician.

 The first publications of the project appeared in self-publishing. Only with the third studio album, the III - Gaïa released in 2013, was the project supported by an independent label. Since then, SLOW has signed with Silent Time Noise, GS Productions and Code666 Records, a subcontractor of Aural Music. The reception of the music of the one-man project was largely minimal in the first few years. The first albums were hardly noticed internationally. The perception changed with the re-release of the fifth studio album V - Oceans in 2018 via the aural music sublabel Code666. Positive reviews in webzines such as, Angrymetalguy,, Hell is Open, Your Last Rites, Ghost Cult Mag, The Obelisk, Hellfire Magazine and music magazines such as Sonic Seducer, Rock Hard or Metal Hammer showed increased recognition and awareness beyond the borders of the genre. Subsequent albums were also given more attention.

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  • Déhá - All instruments (2007-Present)
  • Lore - Lyrics, Concepts (2017-present), Bass, Backing vocals, Arrangements (2018-present)

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