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SAM is a one-man music project created in 2016 in Opole (wild west of Poland). Marcin Piotr Kaczmarek is the only member of the project, although it happened that someone took part in it as a guest (e.g. Marcin's son). Marcin is a multi-instrumentalist, he records all instruments himself, he is also a producer of recordings and the author of graphic designs for album covers. "Sam" means "alone" in Polish.

Musically, the project is deeply rooted in the blues. In the first recordings, however, there were elements of stoner and psychedelia. Eventually, a style developed that can be described as psychedelic blues with the addition of music from western movies. Recent recordings tend to be more drone, ambient and blues (yes, always blues).

SAM is all about recordings. Initially, they were created in the rehearsal room of the band Böse (in which Marcin is a drummer) and in the apartment. For several years, all music has been recorded in a small room in an apartment block.

In the years 2016 - 2018, mainly single songs were released on bandcamp. In June 2018, the first full album "The Break!" was released. It was self-published in a small edition of several dozen CDs. In May 2020, the mini-album "Nawiedzony dom (Haunted House)" was released on bandcamp. It was recorded with the participation of Marcin's eight-year-old son playing ambient sounds on midi keys. In June 2022, the next album "Bitch Eye" was released. This time, half a thousand copies of the CD were produced. This was made possible by an online fundraiser.

"Drone Bells On The Field" was released in July 2023. This album is recorded entirely with an acoustic guitar and a looper - it contains elements of blues, drones and ambient, which also sets the direction for further musical exploration.

Second release from 2023 is "Sun melted my soul". Again, recorded only with guitar, looper and guitar multieffect. The recordings consistently follow the previously defined style of ambient-drone blues.

In December 2023, the next one was released, titled "Water of love". It contains two approximately twenty-minute songs that fit perfectly into the "Bluedrone" genre.



  • "The Break!" (2018, Self-Released)
  • "Nawiedzony dom (Haunted House)" (2020, Self-Released)
  • "Bitch Eye" (2022, Self-Released)
  • "Drone Bells On The Field" (2023, Self-Released)
  • "Sun melted my soul" (2023, Self-Released)
  • "Water of love" (2023, Self-Released)
  • "Organic Faith" (2024, Self-Released)


  • "Son of Eclipse"/"Son of Eclipse (feat. Lindey Lindstorm on voc.)" (2016, Self-Released)
  • "Concrete Blues" (2017, Self-Released)
  • "The Shot" (2017, Self-Released)
  • "Boom Boom" (2017, Self-Released)
  • "Little red rooster" (2017, Self-Released)
  • "El blue" (2017, Self-Released)
  • "Don't bother me bro (feat. Lindey Lindstorm on voc.)" (2018, Self-Released)
  • "Sam w domu" (2018, Self-Released)
  • "Somebody is knockin' to my coffin (feat. Lindey Lindstorm on voc.)" (2018, Self-Released)

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