Routes live 2009
Background information
Origin Chalkida, Greece
Genres Stoner Rock, Desert Rock
Years active 2001 - 2014?
Labels Trailblazer
Website Official Facebook

Routes are a desert rock band from Greece.


Routes - Marijuane and the Kingdom Comes

Routes - Marijuane and the Kingdom Comes

Routes were formed in 2001 in Chalkida, Greece. The first members were James and Antonis who started by playing only guitars and having vocals before they found Theodosis, for drums and George("Taz") for bass. Inspired by bands like Motorhead, SOAD, Slipknot and Sepultura,they had a great vision about the type of music they wanted to play. After a period of intense rehearsals, they were in 2003 ready to record their first self-financed demo which was followed up with concerts. By 2004 their sound had changed up so Routes decided to release their 2nd self-financed demo which had a heavy-stoner rock character and which was followed up with a series of concerts. Eventually at a live gig in 2006 they were noticed and approached by Trailblazer Records, something that led to the release of a 2 track promo in January 2008 and the release of their debut album set at the begining of 2008.

In summer 2009 "Tost" (Bass player of Bag A Head) replaced George("Taz") when he left the band due to personal reasons. In summer 2010 Tasos (Guitar player of Bag A Head) joined the band on synths. Then the band released The Land of Holy Dope in 2012. The band's last post on social media was on 27 October 2014 so it is currently unknown if the band is still active.[1]


  • Routes (2008, Trailblazer)
  • Land of Holy Dope (2012, Self-Released)


  • Chris - Drums
  • Teo - Effects
  • George - Bass
  • Antonis - Guitar, Vocals

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