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Roadburn Festival
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Background information
Date(s) April
Location Tilburg, Netherlands
Years active 1999 - Present
Website Roadburn Official

Roadburn Festival is an annual underground music festival that takes place in Tilburg, Netherlands. The festival has taken place since 1999. Originally beginning as a zine by Walter Hoeijmakers, Roadburn would initially start as a small one-day festival sporadically in various parts of the Netherlands.

By 2005, Roadburn Festival had expanded to a multi-stage event and eventually a multi-day event, evolving into one of if not the premier festival in The Netherlands and one of the top festivals in the stoner and doom scene, even when the festival itself has evolved and explored other genres. The festival is also known for attracting special marquee performances specific for the event and along with a host of different musical entities hosting curated stages:

  • 2008 - Rise Above Records 20th Anniversary on 17 April
  • 2008 - David Tibet (David Tibet's Roadburn) on 20 April
  • 2009 - Neurosis (Neurosis presents "Beyond The Pale") on 25 April
  • 2010 - Tom G. Warrior (Tom G. Warrior's "Only Death is Real") on 16 April
  • 2011 - Sunn O))) on 15 April
  • 2012 - Voivod (Voivod's Au-delà du Réel) on 13 April
  • 2013 - Electric Wizard (Jus Oborn's The Electric Acid Orgy) on 19 April
  • 2014 - Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth) on 11 April
  • 2015 - Ivar Bjørnson (Enslaved) and Einar Kvitrafn Selvik (Gorgoroth) (Ivar Bjørnson and Einar Kvitrafn Selvik's Houses of the Holistic) on 10 April
  • 2016 - Lee Dorrian (Cathedral, With The Dead) (Rituals of the Blind Dead) on 15 & 16 April
  • 2017 - John Dyer Baizley (Baroness)
  • 2018 - Jacob Bannon (Converge)
  • 2019 - Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates) (The Burning Darkness)
  • 2019 - Holy Roar X Roadburn (Holy Roar Records) on 12 April
  • 2020 - James Kent (Perturbator) (Postponed)
  • 2020 - Emma Ruth Rundle (Red Sparowes, etc.) (The Gilded Cage) (Postponed)
  • 2022 - Milena Eva & Thomas Sciarone





1999 (1st, 2nd and 3rd Editions)[]

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Roadburn Festival 1999 was a series of three shows held between the 11th and 13th February 1999 in various cities in The Netherlands.[1] The shows had a consistant lineup of bands; Cathedral, who headlined the events, as well as Orange Goblin, Celestial Season, Beaver and 35007.[1] The first show was held on Thursday 11th February at Melkweg, Amsterdam, the second on Friday 12th February at 013, Tilburg and the third on Saturday 13th February at Stronghold, Sneek. Terra Firma was also confirmed to have played on the Tilburg date as a sixth act.[1]

Roadburn 1999
Orange Goblin
Celestial Season

2000 (4th Edition)[]

This event took place at Doornroosje in Nijmegen. It took place on 24th November 2000.[2][3]

Roadburn 2000
Spirit Caravan

2001 (5th, 6th and 7th Editions)[]

5th Roadburn Festival[]

The fifth edition of Roadburn Festival took place at Doornroosje in Nijmegen on 22 March 2001. [4]

22 March 2001
On Trial

6th Roadburn Festival[]

This event took place at W2 in Den Bosch. Due to the events of 9/11 that ultimately caused airports across the world to be unable to fly. Due to this only Five Horse Johnson were able to play this edition of the festival as they were already in the country at the time. A few weeks later in collaboration with W2 Concertzaal a concert was held for ticket buyers that featured Leadfoot and SQY.

[5] Sunday the 16th of September

Sunday 16th September
Five Horse Johnson
Leadfoot (Canceled)
Raging Slab (Canceled)

7th Roadburn Festival[]

This event took place in Tilburg, at 013.Tuesday, December 4

Tuesday 4th December
Masters of Reality
featuring Josh Homme & Nick Oliveri
Atomic Bitchwax
Terra Firma

2003 (8th Edition)[]

This event took place in Eindhoven, at Effenaar.

Thursday, June 27

Roadburn 2003
Fu Manchu

2004 (9th Edition)[]

This event took place in Eindhoven, at Effenaar.

Thursday, June 17

Roadburn 2004
Monster Magnet
Orange Goblin
Grand Magus

2005 (10th Edition)[]

This event took place in Tilburg, at 013. It is acknowledged as the tenth anniversary of Roadburn. This edition also saw the beginning of Roadburn's expansion, with three separate stages hosting bands throughout the day. The band Gorilla were originally scheduled to play, but had to cancel.[6]

Saturday, April 9

Roadburn 2005
The Space Rock Stage The Extra Heavy Stage The Heavy 70's Stage
Space Ritual Orange Sunshine
as part of the heavy 70's after party
Brant Bjork and The Bros Electric Wizard Josiah
Astrosoniq High on Fire Black Moses
Litmus Alabama Thunderpussy Hypnos 69
Sunn O))) Vic du Monte's Idiot Prayer



This event took place in Tilburg at 013. Capricorns were originally scheduled to play but were replaced by Witchcraft.[8] Due to the pre-party held on the Friday, this was the first Roadburn Festival to take place over two days.[9]

Friday 21st April
Toner Low
End of Level Boss
Spaceship Landing

Saturday 22nd April
Spacerock Stage The Green Room The Orange Factory
Hawkwind Gorilla
this set was labelled the Heavy 70s Afterparty
Colour Haze
Ozric Tentacles Orange Goblin Ufomammut
The Bevis Frond Brant Bjork and The Bros The Heads
Spacehead Leaf Hound Orange Sunshine
Performed under the name "Al Naafiysh"
Tribute set to Randy Holden & Swans
Solace Abramis Brama



The event took place in Tilburg, at the 013.

Friday 20th April
Main Stage Green Room Bat Cave
Melvins Volt Rotor
Big Business Causa Sui Josiah
Blue Cheer Guru Guru Siena Root
Clutch Sun Dial Earthling Society
Orange Sunshine Porn On Trial
Pharaoh Overlord
The Sword

Saturday 21st April
Main Stage Green Room Bat Cave
Neurosis Colour Haze Black Cobra
Om Pelican Stinking Lizaveta
Red Sparowes Orthodox Thrones
The Hidden Hand Circle Amenra
Acid King Growing Monkey3


Sunday 22nd April
Bat Cave
Sunn O)))
Fear Falls Burning
Bohren & der Club of Gore


The event took place in Tilburg, at the 013. Om, who were scheduled to play on the Sunday as part of David Tibet's curated lineup, had to cancel all of their European tour including Roadburn Festival. They were replaced by Skitliv.[12] Rickie Lee Jones cancelled his appearance at David Tibet's Roadburn on 3rd April.[13] Celtic Frost, who were originally scheduled to headline the main stage on the Saturday of the festival, cancelled their appearance shortly before the event due to Tom G. Warrior's departure with the band. They were replaced on the bill by Enslaved.[14]Orange Sunshine played at the Bat Cave on the Sunday as a surprise act at the Afterburner section of the event.[15]

Thursday 17th April
Pre-Heat / Rise Above Records 20th Anniversary
013 - Main Stage 013 - Green Room 013 - Bat Cave
Down The Devil's Blood Litmus
Grand Magus Taint Serpentcult
The Capricorns Diagonal

Friday 18th April
013 - Main Stage 013 - Green Room 013 - Bat Cave
ISIS Mos Generator Earthless
Trouble Scott Kelly Church Of Misery
Witchcraft The Groundhogs La Ira de Dios
Blood Of The Sun Witch Gentlemans Pistols
Black Shape of Nexus Zone Six
Baby Woodrose
Danava Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound

Saturday 19th April
013 - Main Stage 013 - Green Room 013 - Bat Cave
Enslaved Kongh Year of No Light
Cult of Luna Dixie Witch My Sleeping Karma
Boris Tia Carrera Nadja
Acid Mothers Guru Wolves in the Throne Room Kruger
Cephalic Carnage
playing Halls of Amenti in its entirety
The Heads Lesbian
Long Distance Calling Jesu
Electric Orange

Sunday 20th April
013 Main Stage
(Presumed venue)
013 - Green Room 013 - Bat Cave
David Tibet's Roadburn Festival
(Exact running order unknown)
Current 93 The Glasspack Orange Sunshine
Hush Arbors Ramesses Dzjenghis Khan
Baby Dee Repomen Beehoover
Æthenor Graveyard


The event took place in Tilburg, at 013 and another venue called V39 used for the first time.

It was sold-out in 45 minutes.

Thursday 23rd April
013 - Main Stage 013 - Green Room
Motorpsycho The Devil's Blood
Amon Düül II Wolves in the Throne Room
Orange Goblin Zu
Baroness Minsk
Ufomammut Radio Moscow
Gomer Pyle
013 - Bat Cave V39
White Hills Burial Hex
Alexander Tucker Aderlating
Black Sun
Rose Kemp

Friday 24th April
013 - Main Stage 013 - Green Room
Colour Haze Church Of Misery
Saint Vitus Scott Kelly
Cathedral Dragontears
Mono The Outskirts of Infinity
Angel Witch The Atomic Bitchwax
Bohren & der Club of Gore Steve Von Till / Harvestman
Negura Bunget
013 - Bat Cave V39
Saviours Seven That Spells
Omega Massif
The Winchester Club

Saturday 25th April
013 - Main Stage 013 - Green Room 013 - Bat Cave
Neurosis presents Beyond The Pale
Tribes Of Neurot Guapo U.S. Christmas
Skullflower Zeni Geva Nadja
Neurosis Six Organs of Admittance Eugene S. Robinson
Om A Storm of Light Grey Daturas
The Young Gods Amenra
V39 Cul de Sac
The Outskirts of Infinity Beehoover
DJ's Kosmik Ken & Astro

Sunday 26th April
Dead Man


The event took place in Tilburg, at 013 and, for the first time, at the Midi Theatre.

It was sold-out in 30 minutes.

This edition suffered from the air travel disruption on Northern Europe due to the ash cloud from Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano. Several bands had to cancelled, some others played twice to step in.

Thursday 15th April
013 - Main Stage 013 - Green Room
Original members
with VJ Stalker
Eyehategod Mouth of the Architect
Yob Bong
Jarboe Troubled Horse
Kylesa Ancestors
013 - Bat Cave Midi Theatre
Samsara Blues Experiment Monkey3
Night Horse Sons of Otis
Magnus Pelander Earthless
Eagle Twin Shining
The Wounded Kings Russian Circles
Øresund Space Collective
Friday 16th April
013 - Main Stage 013 - Green Room
Tom G Warrior’s Only Death is Real
Dream of an Opium Eater
Special collaborative set with Ivar Bjørnson (Enslaved)
Reuben Gotto (Johnny Truant), Ben Calvert (ex-Killing Joke)
and Julia Ruzicka (Million Dead)
Bohren & der Club of Gore
Triptykon Pagan Altar
Sarke Darkspace
Trinacria Witchfynde
Thorr's Hammer
Reunion Set
Altar of Plagues
performing White Tomb in its entirety
Church of Misery Valborg
013 - Bat Cave
Tom G Warrior’s Only Death is Real
Midi Theatre
Dive Karma To Burn
Eagle Twin
Extra set
Long Distance Calling Earthless
Extra set
Shever Death Row
Suma Master Musicians of Bukkake

Serpentcult cancelled their appearance at Only Death is Real.

Due to the closure of the North European airspace, Jesu and Evoken also cancelled.

Saturday 17th April
013 - Main Stage 013 - Green Room
Enslaved & Shining
performing The Armageddon Concerto
Los Natas
Garcia plays Kyuss Karma to Burn
extra set
last minute addition
last minute addition
Nachtmystium Moss
Death Row
extra set
Fatso Jetson
Altar of Plagues
013 - Bat Cave Midi Theatre
Ahkmed Jex Thoth
Totimoshi Yob
Horisont Brant Bjork & The Bros
The Lamp of Thoth Sons of Otis
The Machine
extra set

Due to the closure of the North European airspace, Candlemass (who was supposed to give a special set with both singers Robert Lowe and Johan Längqvist), Shrinebuilder, The Gates of Slumber, Yakuza and Black Math Horseman cancelled their appearance.

Sunday 18th April
013 - Green Room 013 - Bat Cave
Roadburn Introduces
extra set
The Machine
Graveyard Capital Sentimental
Church of Misery
extra set
Oceana Company
Orange Sunshine
last minute addition
Jex Thoth
extra set

Soilent Green cancelled their appearance at Afterburner.

Due to the closure of the North European airspace, Outlaw Order, Sourvein, Dixie Witch and House of Broken Promises also cancelled.


The event took place in Tilburg from April 14 to 17 at 013 and Midi Theatre.

It was sold out in 17 minutes.

Thursday 14th April
013 - Main Stage 013 - Green Room
Soilent Green Count Raven
playing Streetcleaner in its entirety
The Atomic Bitchwax
Pentagram Blood Farmers
Wovenhand Winterfylleth
Acid King Year of No Light
013 - Bat Cave Midi Theatre
Carlton Melton Wardruna
In Solitude Circle
Cough Blood Ceremony
Naam Ghost
Zoroaster The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Emsemble
Quest for Fire

Buzzov*en cancelled their European tour including their Roadburn appearance.

Friday 15th April
013 - Main Stage 013 - Green Room
Curated by Sunn O)))
Scorn Caspar Brötzmann Massaker
Sunn O)))
Featuring Keiji Haino
Hooded Menace
Corrosion of Conformity
Animosity era line-up
Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter
Winter Beaver
Earth Trap Them
Keiji Haino Aluk Todolo
013 - Bat Cave
Curated by Sunn O)))
Midi Theatre
The Secret Voivod
Grave Miasma Incredible Hog
Menace Ruine Circle & Pharaoh Overlord
Summon The Crows Sabbath Assembly
Void ov Voices Place of Skulls
Mamiffer Year of No Light
playing the soundtrack from the movie Vampyr
Saturday 16th April
013 - Main Stage 013 - Green Room
Swans The Gates of Slumber
Shrinebuilder Yakuza
Voivod Ramesses
Weedeater Evoken
playing Epicus Doomicus Metallicus in its entirety with Johan Längqvist
White Hills
Black Math Horseman
013 - Bat Cave Midi Theatre
Wolf People Ufomammut
playing Eve in its entirety
Stone Axe Dragontears
Imaad Wasif Pharaoh Overlord
Ludicra Rwake
Lonely Kamel Master Musicians Of Bukkake

Yob (supposed to play The Unreal Never Lived in its entirety) cancelled their appearance in January 2011.

Sunday 17th April
013 - Main Stage 013 - Green Room
Sourvein Samsara Blues Experiment
Black Mountain Black Pyramid
Dead Meadow The Machine
Coffins Dragontears
Blood Farmers Sungrazer

Sunday, April 17: Afterburner

For the first time the main stage of the 013 complex is used for the Afterburner.


The event took place in Tilburg from April 12 to 15 at 013 and Het Patronaat. It was sold out in 7 minutes. The name of the curated day at this year's event refers to Voivod's favorite sci-fi show Au-delà du réel.

Wednesday 11th April
Hard Rock Hideout
013 - Main Stage
Thursday 12th April
013 - Main Stage 013 - Green Room
Voivod Chelsea Wolfe
Ulver Spiders
Killing Joke Lord Vicar
Om Hammers of Misfortune
Agalloch Saturnalia Temple
playing Disembowelment's album, Transcendence into the Peripheral, in its entirety
The Icarus Line
013 - Stage01 Het Patronaat
Sigiriya White Static Demon vs JK Flesh
Black Tusk Orchid
Ancient VVisdom Ancestors
La Otracina Red Fang
Christian Mistress Michael Gira
Year of the Goat Virus
Kristof Hahn
Friday 13th April
013 - Main Stage 013 - Green Room
Voivod presents Au-delà du Réel
Anekdoten Celeste
playing Dimension Hatröss in its entirety
playing The Unreal Never Lived in its entirety
Black Breath
Witch Valient Thorr
J. G. Thirlwell's Manorexia Kong
playing Instinct: Decay in its entirety
013 - Stage01
Voivod presents Au-delà du Réel
Het Patronaat
Huata Doom
AUN Gnod
Electric Moon Barn Owl
Conan Final
Danava Sólstafir
End of Level Boss Hexvessel
Wino & Conny Ochs
Saturday 14th April
013 - Main Stage 013 - Green Room
Heavy Jam
J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.), Mario Rubalcaba and Mike Eginton(Earthless) and Graham Clise (Lecherous Gaze)
Sleep Necros Christos
The Obsessed Mars Red Sky
Pelican The Wounded Kings
Church of Misery Saviours
40 Watt Sun Dark Buddha Rising
013 - Stage01 Het Patronaat
Jucifer Bongripper
Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell Tombs
Necro Deathmort Oranssi Pazuzu
Alkerdeel Leaf Hound
playing Growers of Mushroom in its entirety
Purson Jesu
Bob Wayne and the Outlaw Carnies Celestial Season
playing Solar Lovers in its entirety
Mike Scheidt Conny Ochs
Sunday 15th April
013 - Main Stage 013 - Green Room
Black Cobra Bong
Coroner Fleshpress
playing Catharsis in its entirety
Dragged into Sunlight
playing Satan Worshipping Doom in its entirety
Internal Void Urfaust
The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation Electric Orange


The event took place in Tilburg from Thursday, April 18 to Sunday, April 21, 2013.

Thursday 4th October 2012
Pre-Sales Party
Wednesday 17th April
Pre-Sales Party
Cul de SacHard Rock Hideout
Thursday 18th April
013 - Main Stage 013 - Green Room
The Psychedelic Warlords
playing Hawkwind's Space Ritual in its entirety
Primordial Mournful Congregation
High on Fire
playing The Art of Self Defense in its entirety
Gravetemple Candybar Planet
Penance Pilgrim
Pallbearer Blues Pills
Black Bombaim
013 - Stage01 Het Patronaat
The Midnight Ghost Train Mourning Beloveth
playing The Sullen Sulcus in its entirety
Lord Mantis Intronaut
Castle John Dyer Baizley & Nate Hall
featuring Katie Jones
Magdalena Solis Lantlôs
Robert Hampson Royal Thunder
C R O W N The Atlas Moth
Dirk Serries' Microphonics The Black Heart Rebellion
Friday 19th April
013 - Main Stage 013 - Green Room
The Electric Acid Orgy curated by Electric Wizard
Psychic TV Syndrome
Electric Wizard Seremonia
The Pretty Things Cough
Uncle Acid & the deadbeats Moss
Sabbath Assembly Witchsorrow
Dream Death Tombstoned
Het Patronaat Cul de Sac
Amenra Satan's Satyrs
Goat Nate Hall
Eternal Tapestry Radar Men from the Moon
Les Discrets
Witch Mountain
Dread Sovereign

master classes and performance clinics

The Electric Grindhouse Cinema

  • Void Ov Voices
  • Shazzula
  • Aderlating
  • Nicklas Barker
Saturday 20th April
013 - Main Stage 013 - Green Room
Endless Boogie Process of Guilt
playing Pure in its entirety
My Brother The Wind
Die Kreuzen Ash Borer
High on Fire Jess and the Ancient Ones
Cult of Luna Victor Griffin's In-Graved
playing Les Voyages de L’âme in its entirety
The Ocean Monomyth
013 - Stage01 Het Patronaat
The Cosmic Dead Asphyx
Special death/doom set
Mr. Peter Hayden Satan's Satyrs
special tribute to Blue Cheer
Teeth of the Sea Elder
Lo! A Forest of Stars
playing A Shadowplay for Yesterdays in its entirety
Wo Fat Antisect
Raketkanon The Ruins of Beverast
Fell Voices Black Magician
Cul de Sac
Pet the Preacher
Duncan Evans
Official "Roadburn Festival Introduces..." showcase
Sunday 21st April
013 - Main Stage 013 - Green Room
Zodiac Switchblade
Ihsahn & Leprous Electric Moon
Spiritual Beggars Die Kreuzen
Michael Rother
playing the music of Neu! and Harmonia
Golden Void
Sigh Nihill
Astra Pallbearer


The 2014 edition of Roadburn took place Thursday, April 10 to Sunday, April 13, 2014.

The main headliner of this edition was be Loop.

Friday 11th October, 2013
Pre-Sales Party
New Keepers Of The Water Towers
Wednesday 19th April
Hard Rock Hideout
Cul de Sac
Death Alley
Evil Invaders
Thursday 10th April
013 - Main Stage Het Patronaat
Bong Graves at Sea
Crowbar True Widow
Corrections House Conan
Napalm Death
"the slow, painful, dirgy elements of Napalm"
A set of Napalm Death's more experimental music
Beastmilk Samothrace
playing Reverence To Stone in its entirety
Playing their first 3 EPs back-to-back
40 Watt Sun
013 - Green Room 013 - Stage01
Freedom Hawk Mantar
Anciients The Great Old Ones
ASG Goatess
Whitehorse The Cult of Dom Keller
The Shrine Lord Dying
Regarde les Hommes Tomber Hull
Brutus Locrian
Cul de Sac
Friday 11th April
curated by Mikael Åkerfeldt
013 - Main Stage Het Patronaat
Opeth' The Old Wind
playing Ancient Dreams in its entirety
Terra Tenebrosa
Goblin Sula Bassana
Comus Procession
Magma Corrections House
band members playing their solo material
The Body
013 - Green Room 013 - Stage01
with Reine Fiske
Obliteration Oeds Beydals
Trettioåriga Kriget Ron Van Herpen
Änglagård Nicklas Barker & Reine Fiske
Lenny Kaye & Harsh Toke The Vintage Caravan
Promise And The Monster
Cul de Sac
Conny Ochs
Kristian Harting
Saturday 12th April
013 - Main Stage Het Patronaat
Harsh Toke A Storm of Light
Loop 16
Old Man Gloom Indian
playing The Great Cessation in its entirety
Windhand Scorpion Child
Noothgrush Circle
11 Paranoias
013 - Green Room 013 - Stage01
Horse Latitudes Glitter Wizard
Inter Arma The Vintage Caravan
Mansion Momentum
Carlton Melton Age of Taurus
Obelyskkh H A R K
Gozu Papir
Monster Truck E-musikgruppe Lux Ohr
Cul de Sac
Jackson Firebird
Sunday 13th April
013 - Main Stage Het Patronaat Cul de Sac
Morne Lumerians Heretic
Triptykon Harsh Toke Carlton Melton & Dr. Space
Yob New Keepers Of The Water Towers Joe Buck Yourself
Avatarium Papir meets Electric Moon
The Papermoon Sessions
Selim Lemouchi & His Enemies Bölzer
Aqua Nebula Oscillator


The 2015 edition of Roadburn took place Thursday, April 9 to Sunday, April 12, 2015.

Thursday 16th October 2014
Pre-Sales Party
The Machine
Radar Men from the Moon
Wednesday 8th April
Hard Rock Hideout
Cul de Sac
Thursday 9th April
013 - Main Stage Het Patronaat
performing Miserable in its entirety
Eyehategod Kandodo
special guest Robert Hampson
Wovenhand Monolord
Russian Circles Thou
Floor Spidergawd
playing Hrafninn Flýgur soundtrack
Bell Witch
013 - Green Room 013 - Stage01
Goatwhore Lazer/Wulf
KEN Mode Helms Alee
Anthroprophh Scott H. Biram
Uzala Moaning Cities
Primitive Man Eagle Twin
Salem's Pot Mortals
The Tower Minsk
Cul de Sac
Verbum Verus
Friday 10th April
Houses of the Holistic
curated by Ivar Bjørnson & Einar "Kvitrafn" Selvik's
013 - Main Stage Het Patronaat
Enslaved and Wardruna performing a show subtitled as
"The sound of Norway's Norse history"
Enslaved Profetus
Wardruna The Heads
Fields of the Nephilim Eyehategod
Sólstafir Der Weg Einer Freiheit
Virus Steve Moore
013 - Green Room 013 - Stage01
Skeletonwitch Agusa
Death Hawks Lucifer
Tombstones Robert Hampson
Focus Brimstone
Junius Pekko Käppi & K:H:H:L
Svartidaudi BardSpec
Einar Selvik
Cul de Sac
Downfall of Gaia
Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell
City of Ships
Big Naturals
Saturday 11th April
013 - Main Stage Het Patronaat
Zombi Fistula
Fields of the Nephilim Mugstar
playing Ad Marginem soundtrack
The Heads Kayo Dot
Enslaved Tombs
playing Dawn of the Dead soundtrack
Acid Witch
King Dude
013 - Green Room 013 - Stage01
Sammal The Picturebooks
Urfaust Coltsblood
Undersmile Zoltan
Black Anvil Darkher
Messenger Domo
Sun Worship Oozing Wound
Death Penalty Coma Wall
Cul de Sac
King Hiss
Tangled Horns
Your Highness
Sunday 12th April
013 - Main Stage 013 - Green Room Cul de Sac
The Osiris Club The Golden Grass Tweak Bird
Anathema Terminal Cheesecake Hypnos
Claudio Simonetti's Goblin
(playing Suspiria soundtrack)
Bast Abrahma
Bongripper Lo-Pan Gnaw Their Tongues
White Hills Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell IZAH


The 2016 edition of Roadburn will take place Thursday, April 14 to Sunday, April 17, 2016. This edition's guest curator will be Lee Dorrian. Becky Cloonan provided artwork for both the main Roadburn 2016 poster and the lineup poster for each individual day of the festival.[16]