Roachpowder in the 1990s.
Background information
Origin Stockholm, Sweden
Genres Stoner Metal
Years active 1995 - Present?
Labels Outside Society Productions
Associated acts Skintrade, Deadn Allen Foyd, Carbonized, Mental Distortion, Monastery, Entombed, Furcas, Therion, Serpent, Taura

Roachpowder are a stoner metal band from Stockholm, active since 1995. They are best known for being a key band in Sweden's 1990s stoner rock/metal scene. With two albums released they have since gained a cult/underground following in the stoner rock scene.


Roachpowder was founded in 1995 by Rencoret, Bravo, Calmroth and Persson after Skintrade broke up. Rencoret and Bravo were brothers that emigrated from Chile for political reasons while three of the four members had previously been in Skintrade.[1] Very little is known about the band's origins except sometime after their formation the band released their debut album Vlejo Diablo in 1998 on Outside Society and later through USA label The Music Cartel.

At some point Hogge Calmroth would depart from the band to be replaced by Lars Rosenberg (Entombed, Mental Distortion, Monastery, Therion, etc.) and release a second album entitled Atomic Church in 2001 via The Music Cartel, performing a string of shows in Sweden to support the record. Beyond that not much is known about the band's activity or even if the band is still active (Though Skintrade did reform in 2013).[2]


  • Viejo Diablo (1998, Outside Society Productions)
  • Atomic Church (2001, The Music Cartel)


  • Linus Wiklund - Bass
  • Federico de Costa - Drums
  • George Bravo - Guitar
  • Francisco Rencoret - Vocals
  • Lars Rosenberg - Bass
  • Hogge Calmroth - Bass
  • Mason Persson - Drums

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