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Genre(s) Stoner Rock, Stoner Metal
Date(s) Various
Location Various
Venue(s) Various
Years active 2017 - Present
Promoter(s) Ripple Music, Desertscene
Associated Events Desertfest London
Website Ripple Music on Facebook

RippleFest is a series of marquee events hosted by Ripple Music. Often promoting bands signed to the label, this series of festivals has been hosted in California, Sweden, Germany and England.

2017: Ripple Music ShowcaseEdit

The first known Ripple Music Showcase took place on 11 February 2017 at Los Globos Nightclub in Los Angeles, California, featuring four bands.[1]

Los Globos
Salem's Bend
The Rare Breed

2017: Black Smoke ConjuringEdit

Black Smoke Conjuring would be Ripple Music's first appearance at SXSW, booking an all-dayer gig at The Lost Well in Austin, Texas on 14 March 2017.[2]

The Lost Well
White Light Cemetary
Buffalo Fuzz
The Great Electric Quest
From Beyond
The Munsens
Salem's Bend
Fox 45
Plastic Daggers
Smokey Mirrors

2017: San Francisco Ripple Music ShowcaseEdit

Another Ripple Music Showcase took place on 16 April 2017 at the Elbo Room in San Francisco, California, also featuring four bands.[3] Another showcase featuring Ripple bands took place on 29 April 2017 at Neck of The Woods in San Francisco, featuring three bands.[4]

The Elbo Room
Ape Machine
Neck of The Woods
Devil To Pay

2017: RippleFest SwedenEdit

The inaugural RippleFest would take place on two separate dates in Sweden with the same lineup of three bands: 8 September at Svarta Bettan in Orebro and 9 September at Sweet Leaf in Stockholm.[5]

RippleFest Sweden
King Nomad

2018: RippleFest II in San FranciscoEdit

RippleFest II in San Francisco (Also known as The Ripple Rager) would take place at Thee Parkside in San Francisco, featuring five bands and DJ Rob Metal.[6][7]

Thee Parkside
War Cloud
The Hazytones
The Watchers

2018: Ripple Music SXSW ShowcaseEdit

In 2018 Ripple Music would present two events as part of a South By Southwest (SXSW) showcase. The first would be on 16 March 2018 at Valhalla in Austin, Texas, featuring six bands.[8] The second would be on 17 March at The Limelight in San Antonio, Texas, featuring twelve bands.[9]

Notably Blackwulf would perform both gigs with special guest Geof O'Keefe (Pentagram, Bedemon).

Wo Fat
The Watchers
Salem's Bend
Limelight (Main Stage) Limelight (Front Stage)
Mothership Salem's Bend
Wo Fat Zed
Steak The Great Electric Quest
Blackwulf Switchblade Jesus
War Cloud
Mr. Plow

2018: RippleFest Sweden IIEdit

RippleFest Sweden II would take place on 9 September 2018 at Stockholm Copperfields in Stockholm, Sweden. The only known performer was Ozone Mama.[10]

2019: RippleFest CologneEdit

RippleFest Cologne would take place on 23 March 2019 at Club Volta in Cologne, Germany. The first German fest for the label would feature seven bands in an all-dayer format.[11]

Club Volta
Ozone Mama
The Necromancers
Obsidian Sea
Fire Down Below
The Trikes

2019: RippleFest UKEdit

The inaugural RippleFest UK would take place at The Black Heart in Camden, London, England on 21 September 2019. This event would feature five bands and work as a cross-promotion with Desertscene.[12]

The Black Heart
War Cloud
Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight

2020: A Decade of Doom: Ripple Music 10th AnniversaryEdit

A Decade of Doom is a two day party curated by Ripple Music for their tenth anniversary, set for 12 and 13 June 2020 at Brick and Mortar Music Hall in San Francisco, California. Along with featuring twelve bands over two days the two-day event will feature a sneak peek from the upcoming film Planet of Doom, charity auctions, DJs and special performances throughout.[13]

12 June 13 June
Mos Generator
Original lineup performing "Nomads"
Exclusive California Appearance
Release Show for "Forever Gone"
Wo Fat
Exclusive California Appearance
Ape Machine Zed
The Watchers
Release Party for "High and Live"
Salem's Bend
Blackwulf Lowcaster
The Ghost Next Door Plainride

2020: RippleFest CologneEdit

The 2020 edition of RippleFest Cologne would be set to take place on 29 August 2020 at Club Volta in Cologne, Germany. Originally the event was set for March but would be re-scheduled due to The CO-VID19 Pandemic. The lineup is to be announced.[14]

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