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This page is a list of the working rules of Riffipedia, it may be added to over time as we learn of issues here and there. It's pretty brief. This is separate to the editing guides, which can be found here.


All posts must be in English. This rule is not flexible. If you wish to start a Riffipedia wikia in another language and link the two up, I'd be more than happy for that to happen, but this wikia must be in English.

Additional Language Note

This one isn't really quite so rigid, but just for consistency, British English is preferable. This may change over time, dependent on where most of our contributions come from, but try to use British English for now. (as in 'colour' rather than 'color' and 'randomise' rather than 'randomize'.

Facts not opinions

This wikia is for factual information only. Please don't post your personal opinions in the articles. Quotes from decent sources can be used to insert opinions ie. music reviews, a musicians comments on an album. So this means if you're adding to the Electric Wizard article in light of recent events, you can mention disputes, you can quote members (so long as the comments are in print, on video, or accessible directly online), but be impartial in how you write it. Write whatever you want in the comments section under the article, but not in the article.


Try to source articles as well as you possibly can. The edit guide will show how. I'm not going to be as strict as Wikipedia can be for sourcing, but there will be exceptions. The bolder the claim, the more likely it will need sourcing. That being said, try to source any fact you put in an article, Riffipedia will look more reliable for it.

Copyrighted Material

Try to avoid this. Nobody expects you to check every photograph or video you upload or link to, but if it strikes you as likely copyrighted, try to find an alternative to use. If we play by the rules, articles are unlikely to suddenly lose their images.


No word is necessarily banned; that is, so long as the context excuses it. If an album is titled "Fucking Shit", you call it "Fucking Shit." None of this "F***ing S***" nonsense. Same goes for quotes, if they said it, you can keep it uncensored in the quote. However, don't break out expletives in the middle of a descriptive sentence unwarranted. You know the drill, keep it classy.

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