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RidingEasy Records
Record label information
Founded 2014 (2013 as EasyRider Records)
Distributors Revolver USA (North America)
Forte Music (United Kingdom)
Clear Spot (Europe)
Genre(s) Hard Rock, Occult Rock, Stoner Rock, Stoner Metal, Doom Metal, Psychedelic Rock, Heavy Psych, Heavy Rock
Country of Origin United States
Based in Hermosa Beach, California
Website RidingEasy Records Official

RidingEasy Records (Formerly EasyRider Records) is a label based out of Hermosa Beach, California. Since 2014 it has established itself with notable doom, stoner and heavy psych acts along with limited vinyl runs, eventually building up as a notable independent label in the United States. The label also has had working relationships with Italian label Heavy Psych Sounds and English label Bad Omen Records, along with Thief Entertainment who are known for events like Psycho Las Vegas.

Initially the label started in 2013 as EasyRider Records, releasing original works along with cassette versions of albums by the likes of Sleep, Saint Vitus, Witchcraft, Orchid and Graveyard among others.[1] However a cease and desist would be issued from the parent company of Easyriders Magazine the week before Christmas that year, officially changing their name to RidingEasy Records in May of 2014.

The label is also known for their Brown Acid Series, a compilation series that chronicles little known Acid Rock, Psychedelic and Proto-Metal bands.[2] The label has re-issued obscure psych and heavy rock LPs along the likes of Ice, Spiny Normen and Randy Holden.

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