Retribution For The Dead
Retribution For The Dead
Extended play by Autopsy
Released February 1991
Recorded September 1990 at Different Fur Studios in San Fransisco, California, USA
Genre Death Metal, Death/Doom
Length 12:32
Producer Ron Rigler, Autopsy
Autopsy chronology
Severed Survival
Retribution For The Dead
Mental Funeral

Retribution For The Dead is the first EP by the Concord, California death metal band Autopsy, released in early 1991 via Peaceville Records. Initially Autopsy performed a thrash-influenced death metal style with their seminal 1989 debut Severed Survival but by 1990 their sound evolved into a more doom metal inspired blend of death metal, this style transitioning into their second album.

Retribution For The Dead was released initially on cassette, maxi CD and 12" LP with no re-pressing until 23 November 2018. Both songs on the b-side would be re-recorded for Mental Funeral while the title track remained exclusive to this release.

Autopsy - Retribution For The Dead 12 inch (1991)

Autopsy - Retribution For The Dead 12 inch (1991)


All songs composed by Autopsy.

  • A. Retribution For The Dead (3:55)
  • B1. Destined To Fester (4:30)
  • B2. In The Grip Of Winter (4:07)


  • Chris Reifert - Drums, Vocals
  • Danny Coralles - Guitars
  • Eric Cutler - Guitars
  • Steve Cutler - Bass
  • Derek X, Bogie Man, Sirhc, Nad, Evets, Cire - Backing Pukes (3)
  • Ron Rigler - Engineering
  • Rob Moore - Artwork

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