QotSA Mini Tour 1998
1998 Mini-Tour
Tour of
Queens of the Stone Age
Fatso Jetson
Acid King
Year 1998
Start date 2 January 2019
End date 31 January 2019
Shows 4
Region California
Queens of the Stone Age tour chronology
QotSA Mini Tour 1998
Fatso Jetson tour chronology
QotSA Mini Tour 1998
Acid King tour chronology
QotSA Mini Tour 1998

QotSA Mini Tour 1998 was a four-date tour featuring Queens of the Stone Age, the band's first tour of any kind. The band would be performing songs that would soon appear on the self-titled album, along with songs from Kyuss/Queens of The Stone Age and The Split CD, all of which released by Man's Ruin Records. A month later the band would tour Europe for the first time between bouncing between the two continents for the remainder of the year in support of the debut album. Notably Dave Catching and Nick Oliveri were the newest members to join, their first show with the band on 24 June 1998 at Bottom of The Hill in San Fransisco.

Also featured on this California tour would be Fatso Jetson (With Gary Arce of Yawning Man filling in on rhythm guitar) along with Acid King and Goatsnake.


  • 22 July 1998 - The Casbah, San Diego, California
  • 23 July 1998 - Troubadour, West Hollywood, California
  • 24 July 1998 - Bottom of The Hill, San Fransisco, California
  • 25 July 1998 - The Aptos Club, Santa Cruz, California


Queens of The Stone AgeEdit

Fatso JetsonEdit

Acid KingEdit

  • Lori S. - Guitar, Vocals
  • Brian Hill - Bass
  • Joey Osbourne - Drums



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