Psycho Festival
Promotional Poster for Psycho Las Vegas (2016)
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Genre(s) Stoner Rock, Doom Metal, Sludge Metal, Stoner Metal, Psychedlic Rock, Hard Rock, Experimental, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock
Date(s) Various
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Years active 2013-Present
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Psycho Festival is an ongoing series of festivals run by Psycho Entertainment, active since 2013. Initially, the festival was held in California as a one-day event before evolving into a three-day event in Santa Ana in 2015.

From 2016 to 2018 the festival has been moved to Las Vegas, Nevada at the Hard Rock Hotel & Cafe, named Psycho Las Vegas, rechristening their event as a "Rock and Roll Bacchanal". As of 2020 Psycho Las Vegas is hosted at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino. What was originally a one-day event in California has turned into one of the premier festivals in the United States spanning four days with a wide variety of bands, done in a similar vein to many popular heavy festivals.

2013: Psycho De MayoEdit

The first edition of Psycho Festival, billed as "Psycho De Mayo", was held on May 5, 2013 at four different venues in Santa Ana, California.[1] [2][3]

The Yost Theatre (Mecca Stage) Copper Door (Alpha Stage) Proof Bar (Omega Stage) Left of The Dial Records (Apollo Stage)
Black Mountain Joy Drinking Flowers The Shine Brothers
A Place to Bury Strangers Black Pussy Levitation Room Filthy Huns
Dead Skeletons Astra The Vleits The Old Testament
Dead Meadow Tweak Bird Vinyl Williams
Dahga Bloom Psychomagia Mr. Elevator
Sleepy Sun Burning of Rome Rose Windows
Mmoss Plant Tribe Spanish Moss
Stranger's Family Bond Wild Wild Wets Blackfeet Braves
Highlands Electric Healing Sound Blank Tapes
Shiva Trash Blaak Heat Shujaa
The Orange Revival
Douglas and The Firs

2014: Psycho De MayoEdit

The second edition of Psycho Festival was held on May 11, 2014 in Orange County, California. Like the previous year it was billed as "Psycho De Mayo" but this time in a single venue (The Observatory) spread out over two stages. There was also notably a warm-up show at the Constellation Room in Orange County on May 10 featuring A Place To Bury Strangers, Cold Showers and Electric Flower Group.[4]

Main Stage Constellation Room
Pentagram Suuns
Dead Meadow Prince Rama
Kadavar Zombie Zombie
Saint Vitus Lumerians
The Shrine Ringo Deathstarr
Dahga Bloom Sun Araw
Zig Zags A Place to Bury Strangers (DJ set)
Harsh Toke White Manna
Fatso Jetson Dead Gurus
Sons of Huns Al Lover
Captain Slookie Ancient River
Ghost Box Orchestra

2015: The Road To Psycho TourEdit

The Road To Psycho was a tour set up by Thief Presents and Psycho Entertainment as a "build-up" to Psycho California with most of the dates happening in California. The three bands chosen (With special guests at select dates) were Electric Citizen, Stoned Jesus and headliner Elder.[5]

Dates and Additional BandsEdit

  • May 7, 2015 - Harvard & Stone - Los Angeles, California
  • May 8, 2015 - Milk Bar - San Fransisco, California
  • May 9, 2015 - Sweet Springs Saloon - San Luis Obispo, California
  • May 10, 2015 - Brick By Brick - San Diego, California (With Dead Meadow)
  • May 12, 2015 - The Slidebar - Fullerton, California
  • May 13, 2015 - The Marine Room - Laguna Beach, California
  • May 14, 2015 - Pappy & Harriet's - Pioneertown, California (With True Widow and Earth)

2015: Psycho CaliforniaEdit

Psycho California was a festival curated from May 15 to May 17 at The Observatory in Santa Ana, California.

Cult of Luna (The intended Friday Headliner) and Stoned Jesus were intended to play this festival but were forced to cancel due to visa issues. Author & Punisher also played all three days providing interludes to the main stage sets.

Vinyl DJ sets were provided by Bob Lugowe and Sean Pelletier. A pop-up art gallery was provided by David V. D'andrea. Visuals provided by Josh Graham.

May 15Edit

Monarch Stage Grizzly Stage
Russian Circles Cough
Eyehategod Bell Witch
Old Man Gloom Death By Stereo
Municipal Waste Wrench
Bedemon Blackout
Cave-In Destroyer of Light
Zig Zags Ancient Altar
Conan Crypt Trip
Samsara Blues Experiment Samothrace
Radio Moscow Atriarch

May 16Edit

Monarch Stage Grizzly Stage
Sleep Sourvein
Kylesa Subrosa
Earth True Widow
Pallbearer Rozamov
Dead Meadow Lord Dying
Mammatus Sinister Haze
Electric Citizen Blood Moon
Anciients Highlands
Acid Witch Banquet
Lords of Beacon House

May 17Edit

Monarch Stage Grizzly Stage
Pentagram Coffinworm
Om Elder
Earthless The Atlas Moth
Bongzilla Deathkings
Tombs The Well
Truckfighters Wo Fat
Bang Slow Season
Mothership Loom
Tumbleweed Dealer Red Wizard

2016: Psycho Road ShowEdit

Psycho Road Show is a touring festival curated by the same people behind Psycho Festival. The lineups and details were announced on July 5, 2016 with the touring bands being Highlands, Tales of Murder and Dust (On their first US tour), The Cosmic Dead and lastly Acid Witch as the headliner.[6]

Dates & BandsEdit

  • August 18, 2016 - Reggie's - Chicago, Illinois
  • August 19, 2016 - Globe Hall - Denver, Colorado
  • August 20, 2016 - Barracuda Austin - Austin, Texas (With Mammatus, Wo Fat, Mala Suerte and Duel
  • August 23, 2016 - Elbo Room - San Fransisco, California
  • August 24, 2016 - The Echo - Los Angeles, California (With A Storm of Light)
  • August 25, 2016 - Vinyl Las Vegas - Las Vegas, Nevada (With Black Mountain and White Hills; No Tales of Murder and Dust or The Cosmic Dead)

2016: Psycho Las VegasEdit

While there is no official announcement for a second edition of Psycho California (Until the 2017 edition announced in July 2016), the same team behind the festival have announced Psycho Las Vegas. Psycho Las Vegas will take place from August 26 - 28 at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The initial lineup was revealed on January 20, 2016. The full lineup is set to be revealed on February 14, 2016 and the headliners will be revealed on March 15, 2016.[7]

Later the announcements were delayed with the full lineup announcements and headliner announcements moved to February 28 and March 28, respectively.[8]

On March 28, Drive Like Jehu was announced as the Friday headliner and Electric Wizard were announced as the Saturday headliner. Alice Cooper was announced as the final headliner for April 3.

August 25Edit

Vinyl Las Vegas Paradise Pool Stage
Black Mountain Mudhoney
White Hills Mac Sabbath
Acid Witch Mothership
Highlands DJs Savage & Pellet
Electric Citizen
Golden Void
Fatso Jetson

August 26Edit

The Joint Paradise Pool Vinyl
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown Zombi The Rare Breed
Brian Posehn Death Ashbury
Drive Like Jehu The Shrine Shroud Eater
Down Tribulation Belzefuzz
Pentagram Satan's Satyrs Blood of the Sun
Converge CHRCH
Elder Cave of Swimmers
Wovenhand Crypt Sermon
YOB The Company Corvette
Black Heart Procession Gozu
Has a Shadow
Flavor Crystals
Holy Grove

August 27Edit

The Joint Paradise Pool Vinyl
Electric Wizard Boris Øresund Space Collective
Blue Oyster Cult Acid King Behold! The Monolith
Uncle Acid and the deadbeats Jucifer Goya
High on Fire Lumerians A Storm of Light
Colour Haze Bongripper Death Alley
A Place to Bury Strangers Belzebong
The Budos Band Lecherous Gaze
SubRosa Ides of Gemini
Dirty Streets
Mondo Drag
Demon Lung
The Great Electric Quest

August 28Edit

The Joint Paradise Pool Vinyl
Alice Cooper The Cosmic Dead Disenchanter
Sleep Tales of Murder and Dust Tombstones
Baroness Fireball Ministry Lo-Pan
Candlemass Midnight Mars Red Sky
Dead Meadow ASG Saviours
Fu Manchu Lycus
Danava Witch Mountain
Truth and Janey Crazy Bull
Spencer Moody Spelljammer

2017: Brick By Brick PerformancesEdit

Throughout the summer it would be announced a small string of exclusive shows booked by Thief Presents at Brick By Brick in San Diego preceding and after the festival.

2017: Psycho Las VegasEdit

In January 2017 initial bands for the 2017 edition of Psycho Las Vegas were announced and 1 March 2017 the full lineup barring two headliners (Brian Jonestown Massacre and Mastodon) was announced, with the first announced headliner at the time being King Diamond.[11] Crystal Fairy would drop off due to scheduling conflicts between members and Buzzov*en would drop off due to conflicts with the festival promoters.

August 17Edit

August 17 is the pre-show party for Psycho Las Vegas, with the majority of the show being held at the poolside stage and two bands performing at the Vinyl stage to close out the evening. The pre-show sold out well in advance, by a couple months before the actual festival itself. The lineup and set times were announced on 13 July 2017.[12]

Pool Vinyl
Pentagram Yob
Conan Subrosa
Yawning Man
Mustard Gas and Roses
Ruby The Hatchet
Graf Orlock
The Great Electric Quest

August 18Edit

Friday 18 August is set to be the first official day of the festival with The Brian Jonestown Massacre as the evening's headliner. The full schedule for this day was announced on 21 July 2017.[13]

The Joint Paradise Pool Vinyl
The Brian Jonestown Massacre Pelican Black Anvil
Mulatu Astatke Dark Castle Fister
Sleep Sumac The Rods
Magma Vhol Royal Thunder
Melvins Young and In The Way Khemmis
Chelsea Wolfe Toke
Slo Burn Sons of Otis
Wolves in the Throne Room Usnea
Mothership Mouth of the Architect
Youngblood Supercult

August 19Edit

19 August is the second evening of the festival with King Diamond as the headliner of the evening.[14]

The Joint Paradise Pool Vinyl
King Diamond Psychic TV Gost
Neurosis Jex Thoth Saturndust
Gojira Inter Arma Heavy Temple
Earthless Blood Ceremony The Skull
Ace Frehley Weedeater Morne
Carcass Elephant Tree
Myrkur Celeste
Diamond Head Cult Leader
Cough Snail
Hollow Leg

August 20Edit

20 August 2017 is the third and final day of the festival barring the pre-fest, with Mastodon set as the headliner of the evening. Also of note Swans is performing the longest set of the festival at two hours, Manilla Road performing a worldwide exclusive performance doing Crystal Logic in it's entirety and Warning performing Watching From a Distance in it's entirety.

The Joint Paradise Pool Vinyl
Mastodon Warning
Performing "Watching From a Distance"
Swans Slomatics Domkraft
Murder City Devils Code Orange Year of The Cobra
Corrosion of Conformity Gatecreeper Minsk
Cult of Luna with Julie Christmas Manilla Road
Performing "Crystal Logic"
Wizard Rifle
Cirith Ungol Merlin
Abbath Cloudcatcher
Zeal and Ardor Pigeonwing
Windhand North

2018: Brick By Brick PerformancesEdit

On 5 February 2018, Psycho Entertainment announced a special pre-show at Brick by Brick in San Diego preceding this year's Psycho Las Vegas. Performing on 21 August 2018 would be Black Mare, Cloak, Spirit Adrift and Church of Misery. Besides this performance and their confirmed appearance at Psycho Las Vegas they would be the only USA performances for Church of Misery in 2018.[15]

Another Brick By Brick Performance would be announced for 20 August 2018, featuring Dvne, Elder and Red Fang.[16]

2018: Psycho Las VegasEdit

It would be announced that Psycho Las Vegas would be returning on 17 - 19 August 2018 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Cafe in Las Vegas. On 14 December 2017 a teaser lineup of seven bands was announced along with tickets going on sale the next day and announcements of 70+ bands and a "grand headliner".[17]

On 3 August 2018, Dopethrone would cancel their appearance at Psycho Las Vegas along with their entire North American tour due to unresolved VISA issues.[18]

On 8 August 2018, Venom Inc. was forced to cancel their appearance due to a combination of health-related and visa issues.[19]

Witchcraft were intended to play on 17 August as the headliner but ended up canceling on the day of due to VISA issues. Andrew Dice Clay would be the replacement.

Notably the Hard Rock Hotel and Cafe had been announced to have been bought out by another company, forcing the festival to move in the next year, leaving their own official statement of "Evolve or Dissolve".

August 16 (Pre-Show Party)Edit

The pre=show party on 16 August 2018 was held at the Paradise Pool, with Wolves in the Throne Room as the headliner for that event.

August 17Edit

The Joint Vinyl Paradise Pool Center Bar
High on Fire Andrew Dice Clay
Last-Minute Addition
Integrity Nicke Andersson
(Entombed, The Hellacopters)
Boris Helms Alee Acid Witch Johanna Sadonis
Tinariwen Disastroid Weedeater
Church of Misery
Exclusive US Appearance
Wolvhammer Rocket From The Crypt
Survive Aseethe
Lucifer Yakuza
Debut US Appearance
Temple of Void
The Munsens
Night Horse

August 18Edit

The Joint Vinyl Paradise Pool Center Bar
Danzig (Performing "How The Gods Kill" and greatest hits) Magic Sword CKY Andrew W.K.
Goblin Primitive Man Spirit Adrift
Godflesh Howling Giant Voivod
Exclusive US Appearance
American Nightmare Wormwitch Eyehategod
Monolord Today Is The Day
With The Dead
Exclusive US Appearance
All Pigs Must Die
Bathuska Uada
Forming The Void
Ghastly Sound
Venomous Maximus

August 19Edit

The Joint Vinyl Paradise Pool Center Bar
Dimmu Borgir Eight Bells Pallbearer Jennie Vee
Eagles of Death Metal
Sunn O))) Necrot Red Fang
The Hellacopters
Reunion Performance
Dreadnought Big Business
Enslaved Cloak
Zakk Sabbath Black Mare
Coven Mutoid Man
Reunion Performance
Unearthly Trance
King Buffalo

2019: Psycho SmokeOutEdit

On 12 October 2018, Thief Presents announced the first annual Psycho SmokeOut. Set to be a "one-day supershow" on 20 April 2019 in Los Angeles, it is in collaboration with RidingEasy Records. A teaser lineup and early bird tickets are set to be announced on 22 October.[20] On 23 October a lineup of eighteen bands would be announced along with the location of Catch One in Los Angeles. Through the later months several more bands would be added including Yob as a headliner.

Disco Underground Jewel's
Yob Haunt Here Lies Man
Monolord Goya Cloak
Elder R.I.P. Zig-Zags
Amenra Electric Citizen Hellfire
US Exclusive Date
Dreadnought Blackwater Holylight
Howling Giant
Mick's Jaguar

2019: Psycho Las VegasEdit

Sometime after the 2018 edition of Psycho Las Vegas it would be announced that the Hard Rock Hotel and Cafe had been bought out and set for new ownership by 2019, forcing Psycho Entertainment to find a new venue with a statement of "evolve or dissolve".

On 14 November 2018 it would be announced that the 2019 edition of Psycho Las Vegas would be held at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino from 16 - 18 August 2019.[21] On 29 November 2018 a teaser lineup would be announced, featuring Uncle Acid and the deadbeats, High on Fire, Yob, Kadavar, Glassjaw, Perturbator and Oranssi Pazuzu. On 14 March 2019 Psycho Entertainment would release a poster for the festival unveiling 44 acts of a proposed 60, with headliners to be announced.[22] In April the full lineup would be revealed with the headliners being Opeth, Megadeth and Electric Wizard. However with Dave Mustaine announcing his throat cancer diagnosis Megadeth would be forced to cancel all of their touring commitments for 2019, including Psycho. On 29 June a new headliner would be announced in The Original Misfits.[23]

DJ Painkiller and DJ Ethan McCarthy are commissioned to handle DJ duties through the entire weekend.

Rotting Christ and Oranssi Pazuzu were both initially announced but ultimately dropped off close to the festival weekend, both of which due to VISA complications.

Thursday 15 AugustEdit

Psycho Swim Rhythm & Riffs Lounge
Corrosion of Conformity Motorbabe
Lucifer Yakuza
Danava Monophonics
Primitive Man Mother Mercury
Howling Giant
Idle Hands
Thrown Into Exile

Friday 16 AugustEdit

Events Center Beach House of Blues Rhythm & Riffs Lounge
Electric Wizard Perturbator En Minor Led Zeppelin 2
High on Fire Bad Religion Nothing Electric Citizen
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Fu Manchu Goatwhore Spindrift
Graveyard Cold Cave Glassjaw L.A. Witch
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown Yob Devil Master Royal Thunder
Hangman's Chair

Saturday 17 AugustEdit

Events Center Beach House of Blues Rhythm & Riffs Lounge
The Original Misfits The Black Angels The Obsessed Led Zeppelin 2
Clutch The Faint Full of Hell Night Horse
Carcass Mark Lanegan Tobacco Monophonics
Triumph of Death Black Mountain Grails Danava
Old Man Gloom Soft Kill Levitation Room
Tomb Mold

Sunday 18 AugustEdit

Events Center Beach House of Blues Rhythm & Riffs Lounge
Opeth Kadavar Amenra Andrew WK
DJ Set
Beach House Power Trip Twin Temple Two Minutes To Late Night
Uncle Acid and the deadbeats Deafheaven TBA
Mogwai 1349 Dead Meadow Hell Fire
Weedeater Truckfighters Vio-Lence Polyrhytmics
Have a Nice Life

2020: Psycho SmokeoutEdit

The second edition of Psycho Smokeout, billed as Psycho Smokeout 2.0, is set for 18 April 2020 at Catch One Riff Compound in Los Angeles, California. A lineup announcement of nineteen bands with one headliner to be announced would happen in September.[24]

2020: Psycho Las VegasEdit

The 2020 edition of Psycho Las Vegas would be announced in the fall of 2019 and set for 14 - 16 August 2020 at The Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, with the first seven bands announced on 8 November.[25] Further band announcements would take place on 13 December[26] and 19 December,[27] culminating in the full lineup announced on 30 January. The headliners for the 2020 edition would include Mercyful Fate (USA Exclusive), Emperor (USA Exclusive) and Danzig (Performing Danzig II: Lucifuge in it's entirety.). Notable other performers include Ulver (USA exclusive), At The Gates (Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Slaughter of The Soul), Poison The Well (Celebrating the 20th anniversary of The Opposite of December) and Down (Celebrating the 20th anniversary of NOLA) among a widely diverse lineup.[28] However in May 2020 it would be announced that Psycho Las Vegas would postpone to August 2021 in light of The CO-VID19 Pandemic, intending to maintain as much of it's original lineup as possible.

External LinksEdit


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