Principia Sardonica
Studio album by Rigor Sardonicous
Released 2004
Recorded August–September 2004 at Smiling Death Studios
Genre Doom metal
Funeral doom
Length 61:44
Label Paragon Records
Rigor Sardonicous chronology
Apocalypsis Damnare
Principia Sardonica
Vallis ex Umbra de Mortuus

Principia Sardonica is the second studio album by the American funeral doom metal band Rigor Sardonicous, released in 2004. It has been considered the most well-known album by the band.

Background Edit

When asked about the gap between Apocalypsis Damnare and Principia Sardonica, Joseph Fogarazzo responded:

Doing the promo work on our own is what caused us to slow. With life, work, schooling, and expense it became too much to keep up with. Jim from Paragon Records at that time offered to release this album. We are very grateful to him because he took a chance on us when many others would not and he knew how to do it right.

Track listing Edit

No. Title Length
1. "In Autumn Twilight" (instrumental) 3:43
2. "The Dead"   7:04
3. "Sleepless"   5:38
4. "Risus Ex Mortuus"   8:04
5. "Phases of Death"   6:57
6. "Wall of Darkness"   6:53
7. "Soulless Extinction" (Dimentianon cover) 8:20
8. "Possession"   15:05
Total length:
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