Premonition 13
Premonition 13
Background information
Origin Maryland, USA
Genres Doom Metal
Years active 2010-2012
Labels Volcom Entertainment
Associated acts The Obsessed, Spirit Caravan, The Hidden Hand
Website Official Page
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Premonition 13 was a band from Maryland that was active from 2010 to 2012. It is known as one of many bands formed by Scott Weinrich.


Premonition 13 was formed in 2010 by Scott "Wino" Weinrich and Jim Karow in Maryland, both of whom were longtime mutual friends and guitar players. Recording with drummer Matthew Clark would start sometime in 2010 with plans of releasing an album and touring in 2011.[1]

In the band's existence all of their touring happened in 2011, with the first known show was on Sunday, June 26 at The Wiltern with Harvey Milk and Sleep.[2]

Premonition 13 "Modern Man" live in L.A

Premonition 13 "Modern Man" live in L.A. 6 26 2011

Three short tours would follow afterwards in light of the release of their debut album "13". Notably were two short American tours, one on the west coast with Witch Mountain[3] and an east coast tour with The Gates of Slumber[4]. A string of European dates closed out the touring cycle of that year.

In 2012, Volcom would released an unreleased jam session of the band in a split release with Earthless and Radio Moscow but no news of the band itself followed.

In a May 2014 interview with Wino via Metal Assault, Wino made the following statement:

“Premonition 13 was all groovy until people got weird, so that’s over.”
— Scott "Wino" Weinrich, Metal Assault [5]



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