Positively Lost: The Art of Doodlehound
A Doodlehound Compilation Cover
Album cover for the CD included with the book.
Compilation album by various
Released February 23 2018
Recorded Various
Genre(s) Sludge Metal, Doom Metal, Desert Rock, Stoner Metal, Noise Rock, Experimental Folk, Experimental, Thrash Metal, Hardcore Punk, D-Beat, Grindcore
Length 68:03 (CD)
168 Pages (Book)
Alternative Cover
Front Cover copy
Cover for the book.

Positively Lost: The Art of Doodlehound is a compilation book and CD project by Cory Fusting composed throughout 2017 and released on 23 February 2018. Along with an 168-page book featuring over 150 pieces of art made from 2008 - 2017, Positively Lost also includes a complimentary bonus CD featuring 16 bands, 11 of which from the Kentucky area.


Work on Positively Lost began behind the scenes roughly throughout early 2017, with the first announcement of any kind coming on 1 March 2017, depicting the title piece and a handwritten "coming soon" tease.[1] More updates would happen on the Doodlehound Facebook page, with all 77 original pieces finished by 21 May with a handful of bands giving tracks to the project by that time.[2] The intent was to release the book and CD compilation in December but with a car crash and delays from some of the bands the project got pushed back to February of the next year.[3] On 1 October the band lineup was teased and then fully announced on 13 October.[4] The books were completely finished and pressed by November, limited to 200 copies. About 45 standalone copies of the CD were also available with one-sheets containing all of the band info.

The book release shows were announced on 5 November 2017 with the following supporting acts:

Book ContentsEdit

NOTE: The first 77 hand-numbered copies of the book come with an original 4" x 4" piece drawn in the sessions for the book, nestled in with the CD.

  • Initium - An introduction written by Fusting detailing how he got into art, what it meant personally and the journey leading up to the book's release.
  • Prefere - A Chapter of Doodlehound's twenty-five personal favorite artworks to that point and the stories behind them.
  • Exclusivo 77 - Seventy-Seven original pieces drawn strictly for the compilation (52 in 4" x 4" and 25 in 8" x 8"), none of which were released to the public.
  • Doodles Rimasti - Misc. artwork spanning from 2010 - 2017 including show flyers, tributes, outtakes and other humorous pieces.
  • Bandit - Information and links to the sixteen bands contributing to the CD portion of the project.


  • 1. Hoosier Pete - The Crossing (3:22)
  • 2. Blind Scryer - Snake Handler (3:42)
  • 3. Buzz Rodeo - Nice Guy (2:50)
  • 4. Insect Policy - Bang The Leather For Rock (3:24)
  • 5. Tuna de Tierra - Ash (7:24)
  • 6. Mutual Kingdom - The Ghost of Every Dreamer (6:31)
  • 7. Pythonomorpha - Wowlic Now! (2:11)
  • 8. Meezerpocalypse - Gone & His Wife (5:38)
  • 9. BOMBS - The Noose Around My Neck (2:07)
  • 10. Bed Sore - Fall In Line (1:06)
  • 11. Stonecutters - Pagan Warrior (2:21)
  • 12. DeAnimator - White Heaven In Hell (1:49)
  • 13. Duan Sparkles - Connect WIth Me ください (Kudasai) (0:58)
  • 14. Black Kaspar - Apep, Lord of Chaos (10:47)
  • 15. Nonsun - Peace of Decay, Joy of Collapse (8:52)
  • 16. Dr. T-Bag - Father's Sons (Radio Edit) (5:00)

Band InformationEdit

  • Hoosier Pete - Recorded in 2017, exclusive to the compilation. Later released on Musical Family Tree as part of Field Recordings Volume Three: The Doodlehound E.P.
  • Blind Scryer - Demo recorded 2017, previously released on YouTube.
  • Buzz Rodeo - Previously released in 2017 on the album Combine.
  • Insect Policy - Recorded in 2017, exclusive to the compilation.
  • Tuna De Tierra - Previously released on EPisode I: Pilot.
  • Mutual Kingdom - Previously released on the band's SoundCloud.
  • Pythonomorpha - Previously unreleased, exclusive to the compilation.
  • Meezerpocalypse - Previously unreleased, exclusive to the compilation.
  • BOMBS - Previously released on the 2014 Demo.
  • Bed Sore - Previously released on Our Demo.
  • Stonecutters - Previously released on Blood Moon.
  • DeAnimator - Previously released on Heavy Metal Hara-Kiri.
  • Duan Sparkles - Previously released on Duan's SoundCloud page.
  • Black Kaspar - Previously released on the Dark November Mixtape, though practically unreleased to the public.
  • Nonsun - Previously released on Black Snow Desert.
  • Dr. T-Bag - Previously released on Sinking Ship with added live 2015 recordings and remixed exclusively for this release.

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