Place of Skulls Live!
Place of Skulls Live!
Cover for the 2019 Vinyl Reissue.
Live album by Place of Skulls
Released 2001
Recorded 8 December 2000 in The Prince, Knoxville, Tennessee
Genre Doom Metal, Traditional Doom
Length 48:30 (CD)
Label Self-Released (CD)
Maniacal Records (LP)
Producer Place of Skulls
Place of Skulls chronology
Place of Skulls
Place of Skulls Live!
Death Row Reunion 2000

Place of Skulls Live! is the first live album by Place of Skulls, self-released in early 2001 not long after the band had formed. The initial release was a CD-R of one of the band's very first shows, hand-pressed as an item to sell at gigs. Around that time the band signed to Man's Ruin Records and later Southern Lord Records to release the 2002 album Nailed. In the liner notes for the reissue Griffin states that the band was still in the process of writing songs for the debut album so the setlist worked in Pentagram and Death Row songs that Griffin had written, along with a cover of "Consuming Fire" by Third Day.

Place of Skulls Live! would see a vinyl issue for the first time via Maniacal Records in 2019, limited to 300 copies on black vinyl. Due to time constraints "Consuming Fire" and "Song of Solomon" are omitted. The live version of "Evil Seed" would appear as a b-side to "The Fall" released as part of the Southern Lord Seven Inches of Doom series.


All songs written by Victor Griffin except where noted.

  • 1. Evil Seed (4:47)
  • 2. Days of Trouble (5:10)
  • 3. Blood of Jesus (4:03)
  • 4. Too Late (4:11)
  • 5. Cornerstone (6:07)
  • 6. Wartime (5:17)
  • 7. Consuming Fire (4:12) (Mac Powell)
  • 8. Never Die (4:28)
  • 9. Broken Vows (4:36)
  • 10. Song of Solomon (5:39)


  • Victor Griffin - Guitar, Vocals
  • Lee Abney - Bass
  • Tim Tomaselli - Drums

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