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Peter Vicar
Background information
Birth Name Kimi Kärki
Alias Peter Inverted, Peter, Father Peter Vicar
Born April 16, 1976
Occupation Musician
Genres Doom metal, hard rock, folk
Instrument(s) Guitar
Years active 1995–present
Associated acts Reverend Bizarre, Orne, Lord Vicar
Kimi Kärki (born April 16, 1976), better known as Peter Vicar, is a Finnish musician best known for being the guitarist for the doom metal band Reverend Bizarre until its dissolution in 2007.

Kärki also performs live as a solo singer/songwriter. 

Biography Edit

Kärki was "christened" Peter Vicar by Sami Hynninen when they founded Reverend Bizarre, because he was already married and led a "serious" life. He kept the name throughout Reverend Bizarre's career, then changed it to Peter Inverted, after Saint Peter, who asked to be crucified inverted (upside down), when he founded Lord Vicar. By the time of their second album, however, he was using his actual name, Kimi Kärki, as he "didn't need a mask anymore".

Other projects Edit

Kärki has since become a folk musician; he released his first solo album, The Bone of My Bones, on Svart Records, in December 2013. The album features Mat McNerney, John Richardson, the professor of musicology in the University of Turku with whom Kimi played in Two Plus One, that includes Anna-Elena Pääkkölä, one of the two backing vocalists on the album, the other being Pirita Känkänen, who is Kärki's neighbour. The album was engineered and mastered by Joona Lukala, who contributes some keyboards. 

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