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Album cover for all original pressings of Ozma.
Studio album by Melvins
Released December 8 1989
Recorded May 26 - 31, 1989 at CD and Starlight Studios in San Fransisco, California, USA
Genre Sludge Metal, Grunge, Hardcore Punk
Length 39:30
Producer Mark Deutrom
Melvins chronology
Gluey Porch Treatments
Your Choice Live Vol. 12

Ozma is the second album by The Melvins.


When The Melvins relocated to San Fransisco in 1987 the band would recruit Lori Black as the bassist, replacing original bassist Matt Lukin. Soon after the band would sign a deal with Boner Records (Tupelo in Europe) and record the album in May with a release in December. The sound on Ozma follows a similar structure to the sludgy sound established on Gluey Porch Treatments. Some tracks such as "Repulsion" and "My Small Percent Shows Most" were already written before the bands relocation.

"Love Thing" is a cover of the KISS song "Love Theme (from KISS)", "Creepy Smell" begins with the intro to the song "Living In Sin" from Gene Simmons' solo album. "Candy-O" is originally by The Cars and was a bonus track on the cassette and CD editions.

Notably this is one of the only Melvins releases to feature lyrics in the booklet, with lyrics for ten of the sixteen tracks.[1] The title refers to the character Princess Ozma from the Oz series of books.

The CD version includes the entire Gluey Porch Treatments album. The track listing that is printed on the CD lists 34 tracks, but the CD only has 33 tracks. This is due to "Exact Paperbacks" and "Happy Grey Or Black" being mistakenly combined on track 23 and not split into separate tracks as credited.

Oven was also released as a single on Leopard Geck-O Records with Revulsion/We Reach as the b-side and Brian Walsby providing art. This was limited to 1000 copies on Pink Vinyl with 200 handnumbered copies containing paper doll inserts.[2]

The album would be reissued on vinyl (With digital download) on 20 January 2015 with Bullhead in a 2LP set. Though the album is generally liked by fans, Buzz has went on record to refer to the album as "flogged" and "over-rehearsed".[3]


NOTE: All songs written by Buzz Osborne except where noted. Track 17 only appears on the CD version.

  • 1. Vile (3:47)
  • 2. Oven (1:28)
  • 3. At a Crawl (2:46)
  • 4. Let God Be Your Gardener (1:52)
  • 5. Creepy Smell (2:04)
  • 6. Kool Legged (2:48)
  • 7. Green Honey (1:13)
  • 8. Agonizer (1:40)
  • 9. Raise a Paw (1:11)
  • 10. Love Thing (Criss, Frehley, Simmons, Stanley) (1:17)
  • 11. Ever Since My Accident (1:30)
  • 12. Revulsion/We Reach (6:21)
  • 13. Dead Dressed (2:07)
  • 14. Cranky Messiah (1:25)
  • 15. Claude (1:15)
  • 16. My Small Percent Shows Most (0:58)
  • 17. Candy-O (Ocasek) (1:27)


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