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Orange Goblin
Orange Goblin 2
Orange Goblin in 2021.
Background information
Also known as Our Haunted Kingdom
Origin London, England
Genres Stoner Rock, Stoner Metal, Doom Metal, Heavy Metal, Punk Rock
Years active 1994 - 1995 (As Our Haunted Kingdom);
1995 - Present
Labels Rise Above Records, The Music Cartel, Man's Ruin Records, Mayan, Eccentric Man, Sanctuary, Candlelight
Associated acts Capricorns, End of Level Boss, Hangnail, Firebird, The Earls of Mars, The Winchester Club, Lord of Putrefaction, Collapse, Decomposed, Noisepicker, Rise To Addiction, Reactor, Ravens Creed, Dukes of Nothing
Website Official Page
Current members Ben Ward
Joe Hoare
Chris Turner
Harry Armstrong
Past members Pete O'Malley
Martyn Millard

Orange Goblin are a band from London, England. Active since 1995, this band has managed to incorporate Stoner Rock, Doom Metal, Heavy Metal, classic Hard Rock and even punk rock into their ever-evolving heavy sound. Maintaining a consistent lineup throughout most of their career, one notable key element is the bold and energetic voice of vocalist Ben Ward. The band's lyrics are based in literature, space travel, drugs and rock n' roll.

Since their beginning the band has managed to put out eight studio albums and toured extensively with a multitude of iconic bands. The band's name stems a tribute to bands they liked along with a nod to J.R.R. Tolkein's "Lord of the Rings".

They "wanted to have a colour in the band [name], because all [their] heroes had colours in their names, like Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Blue Cheer, Black Sabbath"... And the Goblin, "came about because [they] were seriously into (JRR Tolkien's) The Lord of the Rings".


Our Haunted Kingdom and Frequencies From Planet Ten (1995 - 1997)[]

Beginning in 1995 with a different drummer as Our Haunted Kingdom, the band that would soon become Orange Goblin would perform sporadic shows around the UK area and release a demo of death/doom songs entitled The Eternal Dream, as influenced by "the Peaceville scene". Eventually sometime in the fall of 1995 the band's sound would change more to a mix of stoner rock and psychedelic rock. Playing sporadic shows at the time, the band would write a multitude of songs, equivalent to roughly two album's worth of material. Electric Wizard/Our Haunted Kingdom would be released by Rise Above Records in 1996 featuring the song "Aquatic Fanatic". With the name change they were still signed to the label. An early version of "Saruman's Wish" appeared on the Dark Passages II compilation.

While working on their first album the band also offered some alternate mixes to Man's Ruin Records for a release, which ended up being the Nuclear Guru EP, released in November 1997. Around April of 1997 the band managed a short tour of the UK and Belgium supporting The Blood Divine, with Electric Wizard as an intended support before they dropped off. After a multitude of delays, the band's debut album Frequencies From Planet Ten would be released on 1 December 1997.[1]

Time Traveling Blues and The Big Black (1998 - 2001)[]

Having already composed enough music for two albums before the first album's release, the band quickly went into the studio to start work on their sophomore album. Leading up to the release the band would tour the UK and release an EP entitled The Time with three songs from the album. On 26 October 1998 the band's second album Time Travelling Blues was release via Rise Above Records & The Music Cartel. A short tour supporting Queens of the Stone Age and Earthlings? would follow.[2]

The band's length of touring and appearances at festivals would expand into 1999, following appearances at the earlier editions of Roadburn Festival and a full tour with Cathedral in the spring that year along with the band's first tour of Japan. The band would eventually start work on a third album with producer Billy Anderson at the helm. On 16 May 2000, The Big Black was released to acclaim among the stoner rock/doom metal circles as the band's sound evolved more into a hard rock sound. The band would tour with the likes of Goatsnake, Sunn O))), Dio and Alice Cooper all throughout Europe around this time.

Coup de Grace & Thieving From The House of God (2002 - 2006)[]

Orange Goblin

Orange Goblin's classic four-piece lineup.

By the end of 2001, Orange Goblin had recorded a fourth album, ready for release by the next year with Scott Reeder as their producer (Along with Kyuss vocalist John Garcia joining in for two songs.). Coup de Grace was released on 25 June 2002, drifting more into an aggressive mix of whiskey-fueled hard rock with hints of punk rock in a departure from their stoner rock beginnings. Gaining more of a fanbase with the new album, the band would tour Europe in support of the album and even the United States for the first time along Alabama Thunderpussy, a band they had previously done a split 7" with in 2001. More shows and a further look into the more speedy sound of the last record, the band would quickly work on a follow-up record set for 2004. Founding guitarist Pete O'Malley would leave the band prior to those sessions to pursue a career in art. Undeterred, the band would soldier on as a four-piece and returning to producer Billy Anderson for Thieving From the House of God, released on 6 April 2004. A music video for the single Some You Win, Some You Lose was also made in support of the album. Their biggest touring cycle to date followed throughout the United States and Europe along with a tradition for the band in the form of annual Christmas shows.

In 2005, the band would celebrate their tenth anniversary with a show at the Camden Underworld with Scissorfight and Blood Island Raiders. More touring of the United States and Europe followed with new songs in the works.

Label change and Healing Through Fire (2007 - 2011)[]

After a series of tours from 2004 - 2006 the band announced they were now signed to Sanctuary Records, with their sixth album Healing Through Fire. Released on 21 May 2007, the album evolved more of a doom metal influence into their sound with a series of slower, darker tunes in between the up-tempo hard rock they've managed to establish. Touring of the UK and Europe was made in support with appearances at Download Festival, a live performance on BBC Radio and a string of dates supporting Heaven & Hell. On 2 September 2008, the band would sign a deal with Candlelight Records (after Sanctuary went defunct) with the intents of having a new album out by September 2009.[3]

By May 2009 the band had announced many songs already in place despite postponing recording sessions. Around the same time in 2010, Rise Above Records re-issued and re-mastered the first five Orange Goblin albums on CD with bonus tracks and liner notes by the band with intents of putting out all five albums on vinyl in the future. However by March 2010 due to unknown circumstances the album would be postponed. Despite the setbacks the band still managed to embark on a 15th anniversary tour in the Winter. A tour of the United States followed the next year including an appearance at Maryland Deathfest. On 26 October 2011 the band would announce their seventh album would finally see a release in 2012 along with a string of tour dates.[4]

A Eulogy For The Damned and Back From The Abyss (2012 - Present)[]

A Eulogy For The Damned was released on 13 February 2012 to critical acclaim and hitting multiple charts, including #149 on the UK album charts and peaking at #38 on the Billboard Heatseekers.[5] The band would tour throughout the UK and Ireland along with many festivals including Bloodstock Open Air and Hellfest, both of those performances appearing on the band's first live album A Eulogy For The Fans....

The band's sound had notably evolved into something more of a heavy metal sound with later releases. In an interview with Worship Metal, bassist Martyn Millard explains the band's constant change in sound:

"Well, to begin with we were heavily influenced by Sleep and Kyuss and, from the UK, Cathedral, Electric Wizard and Acrimony… we still are. We were influenced by these bands, along with Sabbath obviously, but our tastes in music are so varied that we were never going to be able to maintain one style or genre for too long, without becoming frustrated. We’ve always said, if it sounds good we should use it. We actually had quite a variation of styles on the first few records too, songs like “Magic Carpet”, “Star Shaped Cloud”, “Time Travelling Blues” and “The Big Black” are all quite different.

I think Chris’ punk influence became more prevalent as time went on and maybe Ben and I’s love of traditional rock and metal, especially Motörhead, also became more and more of an influence. As well as Joe’s blues and classic rock.

We just throw it all into the pot and see what comes out. The new album The Wolf Bites Back has two songs sitting next to each other, “Suicide Division” and “The Stranger” and they as far apart as we could possibly get them and I’m quite proud of that."

— Martyn Millard, Worship Metal[6]

Following the success of the record the band would spend 2013 embarking on the biggest touring cycle of their career in the form of two United States tours (One supporting Clutch, the other headlining), their first venture into Australia and multiple festival appearances throughout Europe. The band quickly composed a follow-up record on 6 October 2014 entitled Back From The Abyss (Which peaked at #30 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart) with further touring to follow, mainly as support to Saint Vitus and Down.

While touring throughout the next two years would be more sporadic the band would still celebrate their 20th Anniversary in 2015 and a short tour in 2016 with Electric Citizen. The band also started 2017 with a benefit show for the staff of TeamRock Magazine, which went defunct the previous month.[7] The band was also signed to Spinefarm Records (After Spinefarm acquired all of Candlelight Records) with a ninth album in the works.[8] Phil Campbell of Motorhead fame has been confirmed as a guest on the forthcoming record. On 20 April 2018, Orange Goblin revealed artwork and a release date of 15 June 2018 for their ninth album The Wolf Bites Back.[9] Orange Goblin would tour Europe and The United States supporting "The Wolf Bites Back" in 2019.

Upcoming Tenth Studio Album (2021 - Present)[]

In 2020, despite cancelling shows through the Spring, Orange Goblin would celebrate their 25th anniversary. On 20 April the band would announce a digital live album entitled Rough & Ready, Live & Loud which would be set for a 4 May release. Orange Goblin would also set up two private concerts in the Fall, one of which comprised of material from the Rise Above Records years and the other of newer material from the last four albums. On 28 October 2020 Martyn Millard would announce that the two livestream performances would also be his last with the band as he would leave the group after twenty-five years on amicable terms.[10] The livestreamed performances would be delayed to 18 and 19 June 2021, to which the band would also introduce their new bassist Harry Armstrong (End of Level Boss, Hangnail, Firebird).

On 26 October 2021 it would be announced that Orange Goblin had signed with Peaceville Records for their tenth studio album (and first with bassist Harry Armstrong), slated for a 2022 release.[11] Following a string of North American shows surrounding Desertfest New York and numerous shows in Europe, Orange Goblin would announce that they would be bringing back their annual Christmas shows in 2022. The band would announce a gig at The Electric Ballroom in London on 16 December, performing the entirety of Coup de Grace in lieu of the album's 20th anniversary.[12]

Following a string of festival appearances (Including performing "Time Travelling Blues" in full at Freak Valley Festival) in 2023, Orange Goblin would begin recording their tenth studio album in the Fall.[13] The band would also announce shows for Japan, Australia and New Zealand in 2024.[14]



Orange Goblin "Some You Win, Some You Lose"

Studio Albums[]

Misc. Releases[]


Current Lineup[]

  • Ben Ward - Vocals (1995 - Present)
  • Joe Hoare - Guitar (1995 - Present)
  • Chris Turner - Drums (1995 - Present)
  • Harry Armstrong - Bass (2021 - Present)

Past Members and Live-Only Musicians[]

  • Pete O'Malley - Guitar (1995 - 2003)
  • Martyn Millard - Bass (1995 - 2021)
  • Neil Kingsbury - Guitar (2013)
  • Chad Walls - Drums (2019 North American Tour)


External Links[]


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