Operator Generator
Operator Generator
The Generator Live
Background information
Origin San Jose, California
Genres Stoner Metal, Doom Metal
Years active 1997 - ?
Labels 12th Planet, Man's Ruin Records
Associated acts Asbestosdeath, Dear Deceased, Noothgrush, It Is I

Operator Generator was a short-lived stoner/doom band formed in San Jose in the mid 1990s, putting out one EP and one album before disbanding in the early 2000s.


Operator Generator formed in 1997 in San Jose, notably Thomas Choi formerly of the Pre-Sleep outfit Asbestosdeath and of the band Noothgrush. The band began performing around the California area and eventually signed to 12th Planet, releasing an EP in 2000. Anthony Lopus would be replaced by Michael Parkinson in time for the band to record their debut studio album. Released in 2001 on the tail end of Man's Ruin Records' existence, Polar Fleet served as a gem among the stoner rock scene. The group then quietly disbanded sometime later.


  • Operator Generator (EP) (2000, 12th Planet)
  • Polar Fleet (Studio Album) (2001, Man's Ruin Records)


  • Mitchell French - Vocals
  • Thomas Choi - Guitar
  • Joe Tucci - Bass
  • Anthony Lopus - Drums
  • Michael Parkinson - Drums

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