Background information
Origin Oslo, Norway
Genres Funeral Doom Metal, Symphonic Metal
Years active 2009 - Present
Labels Secret Quarters
Website Homepage
Current members Cecilie Langlie
Kjetil Ottersen
Tom Simonsen
Past members Bert Nummelin
Omit are a melodic doom metal band based in Oslo, Norway. It is comprised of vocalist Cecilie Langlie, Tom Simonsen on guitars, keyboards, bass and drums, and Kjetil Ottersen on keyboards.

History Edit

Omit started as a collaboration project between the three members back in early 2009, when Kjetil suggested to Cecilie and Tom that they should all write and record some melodic doom metal music together. Prior to this, the three had worked very well together to record and produce the self-titled Vagrant God album. The melodic doom metal collaboration soon led to the completion of a longer-than-average album, and the critically acclaimed, debut double album entitled Repose was released on 1 September, 2011 by Secret Quarters Records.

Soon after the release of their debut album, the band started writing new material. The recording of this new material started at the Secret Quarters Studios in the beginning of 2014 and, initially, resulted in a full length album with the title of Medusa Truth, Part 1. Mixing and mastering of the album took place during the summer of the same year, and got completed in time to make Secret Quarters Records’ autumn release window. Medusa Truth, Part 1 was released on 26 November 2014.

The music for Medusa Truth, Part 2 was written in 2014 and early 2015, but since the band members were also busy with other musical projects during this time, the recordings didn’t get started until 2017. The recordings were completed over a few sessions in the last half of 2017 and was set for an early 2018 release date.

The Medusa Truth albums are a series of albums that attempt to portray a sequence of events in the period of a person’s life. Both parts 1 and 2 deal with a certain series of events, in six parts spread across two full-length albums. Medusa Truth, Part 2 was released worldwide on 13 April 2018.

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Current Members Edit

  • Tom Simonsen - Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Orchestrations, Drum programming (2009-Present)
  • Kjetil Ottersen -  Guitars, Keyboards, Programming (2009-Present)
  • Cecilie Langlie -  Vocals (2009-Present)

Former Members Edit

  • Bert Nummelin - Drums (2009-2010)

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