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Background information
Also known as (ohlm), OHLM
Origin Louisville, Kentucky
Genres Dark-Prog, Progressive Metal, Doom Metal, Post-Metal
Years active 2004 - Present
Labels Concentric Dronecult
Associated acts Chigger, Everyone Lives Everyone Wins, Seidr
Website Facebook
Current members Nate, Josh, Dave
Past members Marisa, J.R.

Ohlm (Sometimes abbreviated as (ohlm) or OHLM) are an instrumental band from Louisville, Kentucky. Active since 2004, Ohlm incorporate elements of Post-Metal, Doom Metal and dark prog into a purely instrumental sound (Though on rare occasions they'll have guest vocalists at live shows to do covers.) and maintain somewhat of a reclusive nature.


Ohlm began in 2004 in Louisville, mainly playing around the area at local gigs alongside various metal bands. Over the years the band managed to share the stage with the likes of Corrosion of Conformity, High on Fire, Wolves in The Throne Room among others as their live performances grew more frequent by 2010. The band managed to release their first album The Synaptic Dissent in 2011 with a second album Centralia A.D. following three years later.

(OHLM) are still active in the Louisville scene though playing out more occasionally through the late 2010s. In late 2019 the band would release Children of Orion, their first release in five years.


  • The Synaptic Dissent (2011)
  • Centralia A.D. (2014)[1]
  • Children of Orion (2019)

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