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Nuclear Guru
Nuclear Guru.jpg
Extended play by Orange Goblin
Released November 18 1997
Recorded 7 & 8 June 1997 at The Square Centre in Nottingham, England
Genre Stoner Metal
Length 13:49
Producer Dave Chang
Orange Goblin chronology
Frequencies From Planet Ten
Nuclear Guru
Time Travelling Blues

Nuclear Guru is an EP by Orange Goblin released in 1997 on Man's Ruin Records, featuring the original song of the same name and a cover of "Hand of Doom" by Black Sabbath.


Having written two albums worth of material before the release of their debut Frequencies From Planet Ten the band would record two songs in Nottingham circa June, with the title track later being re-recorded and used on the band's second album Time Travelling Blues. It was released on 10" vinyl and later released as a split CD with Electric Wizard entitled Chrono.Naut/Nuclear Guru. The tracks can also be found on the Japanese edition of Frequencies from Planet Ten, the 2CD of said album & Time Travelling Blues and the 2012 reissue of Time Travelling Blues. The cover art features a distorted image of Shoko Asahara, leader of the Japanese cult Aum Shinrikyo known for sarin attacks in the mid 1990s that killed a dozen people and injured dozens more.



  • Ben Ward - Vocals
  • Martyn Millard - Bass
  • Chris Turner - Drums
  • Joe Hoare - Guitars
  • Pete O'Malley - Guitars
  • Dave Chang - Producer, Engineering, Mixing
  • Frank Kozik (As Kozik 97) - Sleeve
  • Kevin Gray - Mastering (Vinyl)


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