spring längs nu!
Background information
Also known as Winterorb (1995)
Origin Örebro, Sweden
Genres Hard Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Stoner Rock
Years active 1995 - 2000
Labels Swinging Singles Club, Black Widow Records, Freedoom Records
Associated acts Witchcraft, Graveyard, Dead Man, Albatros, Asteroid
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Norrsken was a Swedish psychedelic rock band, active between 1995 and 2000. With a sound and style that heavily worships 60s and 70s rock like Black Sabbath, Sir Lord Baltimore, Captain Beyond, Bang and Pentagram they can be seen as the prototype to the scene of Swedish 70s-styled rock bands as the four members went on to a host of familiar projects. The name of the band is Swedish for Aurora Borealis.


Norrsken began in 1995, briefly known as Winterorb before settling on a different name. The group was formed by Rikard Edlund, Kristoffer Sjödahl, Magnus Pelander and Joakim Nilsson. Over their tenure the band only released a trilogy of demos from 1996 - 1997. In 1999 the band would contribute to two tribute albums ("Pilot" on Blue Explosion: a Tribute to Blue Cheer and "Psalm 9" on Bastards Will Pay: A Tribute To Trouble) and a 7" single before breaking up the next year.

Magnus Pelander would go on to found the band Witchcraft in 2000, originally intending for the group to be a one-off tribute to Pentagram before it blossomed into a full group releasing five albums and two solo releases under his own name.

Rikard Edlund and Joakim Nilsson would both go on to form Albatros and eventually form Graveyard in 2006 and gain a deal of worldwide success with Hisengen Blues topping to #1 on the Swedish charts, for example. Joakim Nilsson still remains with the group though Edlund left in 2014. Notably, Joakim Nilsson's brother Johannes also played bass and sang for the band Asteroid.

Kristoffer Sjödahl would go on to found the psychedelic folk group Dead Man in 2003, releasing three albums and at one point signing to MeteorCity Records.


  • Norrsken (Demo) (1996)
  • Hokus Pokus (Demo) (1996)
  • Demo 1997 (Demo) (1997)
  • Armageddon / Little Lady (7" Single) (1999, Swinging Singles Club)


  • Rikard Edlund - Bass
  • Kristoffer Sjödahl - Drums
  • Magnus Pelander - Guitars
  • Joakim Nilsson - Vocals

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