NoSlip Records
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Record label information
Founded 2015
Genre(s) Stoner Rock, Stoner Metal, Doom Metal, Thrash Metal
Country of Origin United States
Based in Columbus, Georgia
Website NoSlip Records Facebook
NoSlip Records is an independent label based out of Columbus, Georgia. Established in 2015, NoSlip Records functions as a boutique style record label that specializes in extremely limited pressings of various vinyl releases. They are not defined by music genre as they feel this limits their growth as a label and individuals. Our thought process on what and how we release records is from a fan's perspective. If it's something we'd like to have in our record collection, then it's something we'll be interested in releasing, as a "made by fans, for the fans" perspective.

Their motto is "Music is our Love, Wax is our Passion".


High Res

The Power of Vinyl Compels You

NoSlip Records - Sampler

NoSlip Records - Sampler


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