Nick Oliveri vs.
The Chuck Norris Experiment
Nick vs Chuck.jpg
Full LP foldout depicting both bands.
Split album by
Nick Oliveri
The Chuck Norris Experiment
Released March 30 2012
Recorded 2003 and 2006 (Mondo); 2012 (Chuck)
Genre Alternative Rock, Punk Rock, Stoner Rock
Label No Balls Records (LP)
I Hate People Records (CD)
Producer Nick Oliveri, Magnus Hyden
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Nick Oliveri vs. The Chuck Norris Experiment
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Nick Oliveri vs. The Chuck Norris Experiment
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Nick Oliveri vs. The Chuck Norris Experiment is a split LP featuring Nick Oliveri on one side and Swedish rockers The Chuck Norris Experiment on the other. It would be released in the Spring of 2012 via No Balls Records (10 Test Pressing, 300 Blue LP) while the CD version would be handled by I Hate People Records.

All of the Nick Oliveri material consists on unreleased songs and demos. The first song is an outtake from the Mondo Generator album Dead Planet: SonicSlowMotionTrails. "Heart is Burning" is unreleased. "She Only Owns You" and "Dog Food" are acoustic versions of songs previously performed by Mondo Generator, the latter recorded and used with Iggy Pop's permission for Frame 137, a movie by Judd L. Tilyard. The last three tracks on Oliveri's side consist of demo versions of songs later recorded by Mondo Generator.

Tracklist[edit | edit source]

  • A1. Take Me Away (Oliveri)
  • A2. Heart Is Burning (Oliveri, Hoss Wright)
  • A3. She Only Owns You (Acoustic) (Oliveri)
  • A4. Dog Food (Acoustic) (Iggy Pop)
  • A5. I Never Sleep (Demo) (Dirk Digler, Johnny Motard, Rex Everything)
  • A6. Life of Sin (Demo) (Oliveri)
  • A7. Sam Hall (Demo) (Traditional)
  • B1. Grab it Good
  • B2. Taking Out Berlin
  • B3. Path of Destruction
  • B4. Kick
  • B5. Rats!
  • B6. This is What We Are
  • B7. Bloodbite

Personnel[edit | edit source]

Nick Oliveri[edit | edit source]

  • Nick Oliveri - Vocals (1 - 7), Bass (1, 2, 5 - 7)
  • Ben Perrier - Guitar (5 - 7)
  • Ben Thomas - Drums (5 - 7)
  • Hoss Wright - Drums (1, 2)
  • Michele Madden - Vocals (4)
  • Mathias Schneeberger - Recording, Guitar (1), Piano (1)

The Chuck Norris Experiment[edit | edit source]

  • Chuck Ransom - Vocals
  • Chuck Dakota - Bass
  • Chuck Buzz - Drums
  • Chuck The Ripper - Guitar
  • Magnus Hyden - Recording, Producer
  • Johannes Uessem - Photography

Other Personnel[edit | edit source]

  • Steffen Winkler - Artwork

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