Nich na Polonyni
Studio album by Soom
Released December 29, 2014
Genre Doom Metal, Stoner Metal, Psychedelic Rock, Sludge Metal, Ambient, Spoken Word
Length 54:37
Label ꔅ, Freak Friendly DIY, Addicted Label
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Chorna Zyma, Chervone Nebo
Nich na Polonyni
Nich na Polonyni (Ніч на полонині; "Night on the Meadow") is the debut studio album by the Ukrainian band Soom, released on December 29, 2014. According to an interview with the band, it is a concept album telling "a surrealistic fairytale about three brothers and a grandfather living in the Carpathian mountains in Western Ukraine and everyone getting high to start their trips."

Storyline Edit

The album tells the story about three brothers and their grandfather who live in the Carpathian mountains in Western Ukraine as they get high to start their first trip.

The first brother has a stay with Grandpa and get high by salvia divinorum with the cat. The second brother has a pornful bad trip in a Kherson desert and regurgitates on the stone. The third brother dies after growing the weed in a barren and meets the Weed God, and the Grandpa is an Electric Molfar giving highness for all. 

Track listing Edit

No. Title Length
1. "Nich na Polonyni: Nevydyma Sokyra" (Ніч на полонині: Невидима Сокира; "Night on the Meadow: The Invisible Axe") 7:08
2. "Did" (Дід; "Grandpa") 7:16
3. "Nich na Polonyni: Svyato Roslyn" (Ніч на Полонині: Свято рослини; "Night on the Meadow: Celebration of the Plant") 2:32
4. "Dyvnyy Son Za 419 Rokiv do Probudzhennya" (Дивний сон за 419 років до пробудження; "Strange Dream at 419 Years Before Awakening") 7:05
5. "Nich na Polonyni: Pisok" (Ніч на полонині: Пісок; "Night on the Meadow: The Sand") 0:43
6. "Kamin" (Камінь; "The Stone") 6:30
7. "Nich na Polonyni: Slobozhany" (Ніч на полонині: Слобожани; "Night on the Meadow: Slobozhanians") 1:44
8. "Elektrychnyy Molfar" (Електричний мольфар; "Electric Molfar") 8:11
9. "Nich na Polonyni: Ostannya Podorozh" (Ніч на полонині: Остання подорож; "Night on the Meadow: The Last Trip") 2:28
10. "Panakhyda" (Панахида; "Dirge") 11:00
Total length:

Personel Edit

  • Alexey Kovalov - noises, guitar, vocals, effects
  • Tomrer - drones, bass
  • Erea - drums

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