Nen'no Oto
Studio album by Magdala Ju-nen
Released May 30, 2008
Genre Doom metal
Stoner rock
Length 50:48
Label Bonten
Magdala Ju-nen chronology
Nen'no Oto
Nani no Inga de Kō Natta

Nen'no Oto (念の音; "Sound of Justice") is the debut album by the Japanese all-female band Magdala Ju-nen. It was released on May 30, 2008.

Track listing Edit

No. Title Length
1. "666"   9:53
2. "Sodomu no Fukushū to Fukujū no Ichi" (ソドムの復讐と服従の市; "The City of Sodom's Revenge and Submission") 8:31
3. "Majo yo Yūwaku Shi Nasai" (魔女よ 誘惑しなさい; "Seduce the Witch") 7:20
4. "Shū" (蟲; "A Bug") 5:17
5. "Nibiki no Meinu" (二匹の牝犬; "Two Female Dogs") 9:00
6. "Noroi" (呪; "A Curse") 10:47
Total length:
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