Nani no Inga de Kō Natta
Studio album by Magdala Ju-nen
Released October 15, 2008
Genre Doom metal
Stoner rock
Progressive rock
Length 39:37
Label Bonten
Magdala Ju-nen chronology
Nen'no Oto
Nani no Inga de Kō Natta

Nani no Inga de Kō Natta (何の因果でこうなった; lit. "What Caused This to Happen") is the second album by the Japanese all-female doom rock band Magdala Ju-nen. It was released on CD in October 2008 and reissued on vinyl on January 3, 2017.

Track listing Edit

No. Title Length
1. "Mugen Inraku Jigoku" (無限淫楽地獄; "Infinite Horny Hell") 9:37
2. "Shu-san ~Tsukihamujō Kavuā~" (主さん~月は無情カヴァー~; "The Moon is Heartless") 8:12
3. "Yurika Go" (ゆりかご; "Cradle") 6:27
4. "Meido e no Kaidan" (冥土への階段; "Stairway to Hell") 15:21
Total length:

Personel Edit

  • Kotama Mako – guitar, vocals
  • Tsuneyoshi Damiko – bass
  • Mami – drums
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