N.O. Hits At All Vol. 5
N.O. Hits At All Vol. 5
Compilation album by Nick Oliveri
Released October 12 2018
Genre(s) Punk Rock, Acoustic Rock, Alternative Rock, Desert Rock
Length 20:43
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N.O. Hits At All Vol. 5
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N.O. Hits At All Vol. 5 is the fifth volume of rarities and guest-fronted songs curated by Nick Oliveri, released circa 12 October 2018 via Heavy Psych Sounds. Notably it features three unreleased Death Acoustic tracks, two other previously unreleased songs and three guest-fronted songs from previously released albums. Notably the fifth volume's art features bloodied ball-peen hammers, a reference to the Roky Erickson song "Bloody Hammer" as covered by Oliveri, Mondo Generator and Queens of the Stone Age.


On 13 July 2018 a fifth volume in the N.O. Hits At All series would be announced, also reported to be the last though a sixth volume would come two years later.[1] The fifth edition would be released on Digital, CD, Black Vinyl, Purple Transparent Splatter (350 copies), Yellow/Purple Vinyl (50 copies) and test pressings (20 copies).


  • 1. Dwarves - It's You I Don't Believe (1:32)
  • 2. Nick Oliveri's Death Acoustic - Head (1:25)
  • 3. Mondo Generator - 976 Whore (3:02)
  • 4. Nick Oliveri's Death Acoustic - Won't Let Me Go (3:44)
  • 5. Svetlanas - People Suck (1:35)
  • 6. The Situationalists - Crashed Out And Burnt (1:40)
  • 7. Dwarves - Anything That Moves (2:07)
  • 8. Nick Oliveri's Death Acoustic - Campfire Kyuss (5:38)

Track OriginsEdit

  • 1. It's You I Don't Believe - From the 2018 Dwarves album Take Back The Night.
  • 2. Head - Death acoustic of a Simon Strokes song, previously unreleased. The liner notes credit Simon Strokes as the performing artist.
  • 3. 976 Whore - A re-working of "Night Calls" from the 2012 album Hell Comes To Your Heart.
  • 4. Won't Let Me Go - Death acoustic rendition of "Won't Let Go" from Hell Comes To Your Heart.
  • 5. People Suck - From the 2017 album This Is Moscow, Not LA.
  • 6. Crashed Out And Burnt - Previously unreleased recording.
  • 7. Anything That Moves - From the 2018 Dwarves album Take Back The Night.
  • 8. Campfire Kyuss - Death Acoustic renditions of Kyuss songs, specifically "Gardenia" from Welcome to Sky Valley and "The Law", "Big Bikes" and "I'm Not" from Wretch.


Nick Oliveri's Death AcousticEdit


  • Nick Oliveri - Bass, Lead Vocals
  • He Who Cannot Be Named - Guitar
  • The Fresh Prince of Darkness - Guitar
  • Josh Freese - Drums
  • Captain Blag Dahlia - Producer

Mondo GeneratorEdit

  • Nick Oliveri - Bass, Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals
  • Ben Perrier - Guitar
  • Ben Thomas - Drums


  • Rex Everything - Bass, Vocals
  • Olga Svetlana - Vocals
  • Ginger Svetlana - Guitar
  • Diste Svetlana - Drums

The SituationalistsEdit

  • Nick Oliveri - Bass, Vocals
  • Lowel Granath - Guitar
  • Cody Kniceley - Drums

Other PersonnelEdit

  • SOLOMACELLO - Artwork

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